I would like to hear people's thoughts on the size range of these vehicles, and if anyone here is testing larger or smaller craft than what is typically seen here.

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there is / was a Quad that can lift a human:

Would not want one of those front blades to come off and hit you!
yes there it is. That could use a face lift, something colorful like a parrot might be nice, and rubber guards surrounding the blades for a bit of safety perhaps. It might look more balanced if the pilot were in the middle and protected by a glass canopy. The booms could be further apart, and that fat thing sticking out the end can go too.

I wish I had too much time, up-sizing the Arduquad would make a fun challenge even if it didn't work.
Well, As i said it requires variable pitch. If one motor stops the opposite motor will only be used for balancing by changing pitch.

the two remaining motors must be able to lift the entire weight.

There is a company in the US working on a very large quad design which could be used e.g. to get people off of very high skyscrapers in case of fire. It looks somthing like an oil rig with four large enclosed rotors and a ramp with walking bridge which will extend a bit from the front to allow people to step onto the top of the thing. Hasn't flown yet, but I think they have some working scale prototypes which are still quite large and may have flown by now. When moving from an old computer I lost the link, but you should be able to find it in Google when searching for e.g. quadrotor rescue missions.

And the US military / aviation industry seem to be working on a replacement for the Hercules aircraft which would be a sort of double-winged Osprey with four tilt-rotors and would be able to lift a tank and crew VTOL. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bell_Boeing_Quad_TiltRotor

I was doing some market research on large electric power systems and I found this brushless motor:




which can generate 65 lbs of thrust swinging a 30x10 prop.  4 of those would make 260 lbs lift.  The motor itself weighs under 4 lbs so if you could keep the weight of the batteries and vehicle under about 100 lbs then you could lift a light person.


Ballpark between $16,000 and $18,000.

Try this:



IMHO Should be 4 counter rotating blades with hybrid electric drive.


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