Skywalker landing gear

Hey guysjust wondering what landing gear on Skywalkeryou are using. I've seen a lot of pics but not a lotof info what size, what manufacturer, how tomount it, etc.ThanksMarius

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  • Skywalker Param file - Not Wanting to Hijack your Thread Marius, but noticed you are flying a skywalker. Are you using APM? I am using APM2 with the skywalker and the standard .param file form the wiki, But am getting undesirable results even on a windless day. If anyone could post a good config file, or any config file for me to compare to the one on the wiki, that would be great! Lines are 70m apart! 


  • Hi there Marius.

    There is a guy on youtube that flies one especially for FPV that uses landing gear and tail steer.

    Here's the link to a youtube video of his ( there are lots of really great videos actually ) - very helpful......

    I've actually e-mailed him on  few occasions...hes actually a really nice bloke and really knows his stuff. - I'm sure he can help in the landing gear department. - I suggest you simply E-mail him and ask

     I Just a thought!....ever considered landing gear that simply ( using a servo ) rotates up ? - ( in other words...when your off the ground, the gear would simply swings up 45 degrees towards the rear of the aircraft and sit neatly either side of the  fuse which would reduce the drag quite a bit ( as small micro servo with metal gears would work pretty well I'm guessing ) - and on approach,  simply flip a switch on your receiver, and the gear rotates forward and your ready to land..

    Your thoughts?

    Cheers, and good flying -


  • I fly mine in the grass when it grows.

    The wheels might bump on a hard landing and tear off some foam structure on the frame depending on how it weighs.

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    I've flown a lot of "chuckers" and I would only recommend the skid.  You will get a lot of weakness in the area where you mount the landing gear.  The ply piece is not big enough to allow for long-term use on anything but the best runway.  Bumps and rough ground will just kill the plane.  On the fiberglass model it will eventually fail too.  You need to reinforce the fiberglass, which can be done and still keep it light, but the gear itself is just not worth it if you fly and land in tall grass or rough areas. 

    Of the gear suggestions, the one that would probably hold up the best and not stress the platform is the one for the Radian w/rubber bands.

    If you need assistance in the launch, set up a bungee or catapult.

    Just my 2 cents...

  • HI,

    I am assembling a fiberglass skywalker now and am planning on using these. I will make a small plywood mount plate with some balsa contoured filler pieces. Hopefully this thing will be nice and soft. If it is too stiff I plan on making a couple short cuts up near the top to soften it up. Also give it a shear point.

    Anyone tried these?

  • I'd suggest you forget about landing gear. To make something that doesn't break off every other landing it will add weight. Drag and weight mean less flying time. Just throw the thing and land in the grass ;) Put some smooth tape on the belly to protect it and so it will glide better, then you might even be able to lift off the grass or snow.

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