If anybody would like to view the attached KML file (2012-05-28%2017-29%205.kmz) and try and explain what happened that would be appreciated. For some reason my Skywalker (SkyWalker03%20email.JPG) decided to go its own way after nearly getting to the furtherest waypoint. With 2 expensive cameras on board this was the hardest 4 minutes of flying I have ever done. Better still, can anybody make suggestions on how to improve the flight/tracking characteristics.

Thanks in anticipation


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Hi Jerry, just been reviewing the kmz file, i'm relatively new to this, but it is clear that when activating RTL on a few occasions the plane wanted to head north/north east. You did very well to get it back, you must either have a telescope or very good eyesight!

A similar behaviour happened to trent at mygeekshow - have a watch of the video here Not sure how they resolved it. looking at the kmz file, it is clear that GPS signal was present from the file and rate of data that was logged. I did my first APM flight last night with APM2 and encountered a few similar issues to you. my plane was following waypoints, then half way through just decided to head north east.

I have all the other log files, but don't know how to really understand them. Have you played back your flight in the Missionplanner? and then activated the tuning box to see whats happening?


can you share the raw log?


Thank you for your interest. Next time I'm down I'm over your way (from Melbourne) I'll drop in.

Attached is the offending log file.




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