Well it's a sad weekend. On Friday my Skwalker had a second catastrophic nose dive and I lost it somewhere over a marsh. Scanning the area with a FPV had no success.


I've made peace with the loss, I'm just trying to understand what caused the nose dive. It just would not pull out of it, and it's the second flight with the second indecent (the first crash I could recover).


It started since I moved the heavy 6000mAh battery right to the front, before you point to the seeming obvious, the CG was still too far back and tail heavy, despite this, as those who have the skywalker know.


What platform should I buy next? I'm worried about buying a Skywalker again, because of this.

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Hai, I was assuming the SW dry weight is 2.2kg (http://www.fpvflying.com/products/Skywalker-platform-for-UAV-FPV.htmlP) . My kit onboard is max 700g on it's own, so I think I'm closer to 2kg. Well, *was*, she's still MIA ;(


I'm pretty sure the issue was wrong CG.


Amazing how well such a relatively big piece of white foam can hide an a relatively small area !

Hi Eric


I was seriously considering the fiberglass version! The only reason I ordered a EPO again was because it repairs easily, and I've got a total of 10 flights experience of flying RC...


I'm sure it can go much faster than the EPO version and would be easier in the wind.


Rather a small battery? I had a 6000 right in the nose. I've heard the CG should be 3cm back from the servo wire.


I've pretty much given up finding it, that's why I blew $360 last night on another kit from scratch. I still need the APM.


DAMN this is an expensive hobby!


Please let us know how yours handle!!

Hi Eric

Congratulations! What do you mean by the shaft is in the wrong direction?

Is that bracket fixed?? Otherwise I can't see a problem? I didn't use mine's bracket.

Could you put another plane up over the site and take pics or video to find it. In the early days I have had to hire a light aircraft for an hour to successfully find a model buried in a wheat crop. It would be unusual to not be visible from the air. Good luck.

Thanks Jerry


Yes I had two flights - one with a tricopter with FPV gear, the second with my raidian pro fitter with a downward looking camera. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SRzJ1WXvv3M


Nothing found. I am starting to think it was picked up by someone else. It's within a nature reserve and I let the authorities know and offered an award. This was two weeks ago..

In the mean time I ordered another motor and had the same problem as you!I found a tutorial on youtube how to reverse the shaft, quite easy, but your shaft should be reverable, unlike mine, which doen not have a flat spot to fix the screw on both sides.

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