Hi all,

I'm having a heck of a time getting my ESCs calibrated & motors armed… getting a slow beep every second from 2 of my 6 ESC/motors.  I'm building a 3DR Hex kit with 20 amp ESC & 880kv motors.

Here's what I did:

  • Manual ESC calibration:
    • Disconnect USB
    • Tx off
    • Disconnect LIPO
    • Connect ESC 3-wire plug into RX throttle channel
    • TX on
    • TX throttle up to maximum
    • Connect LIPO to ESC,
    • Wait for musical notes & then 2 beeps, immediately drop throttle
      • Listen for 3 beeps = 3S pack
      • Listen for single longer beep = end points are set

    ○ I Never got confirmation/arming beep from ESCs

    ○ I Get a constant beep every second with APM blinking A/red LED & solid C/blue

    ○ Are the ESCs successfully calibrated?

• Wiki says… ' If the ESCs are not beeping or are beeping slowly but the motors still wont arm, try setting the transmitter trim 7 or 8 down from center. An offset below zero is needed to permit arming.' I recalibrated the Radio in MP.

See attached scn prnt

I set the JR transmitter XG8 Sub Trim function from 0 to 'Low 51' (to address the wiki 'offset below zero needed')

Result is I get same slow (1 per second) ESC beep & can't arm 2 of my 6 motors

I have done this 8 times. I'm stuck & need some suggestions.

Any ideas please?

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Hmm. I had another problem today (motors responding incorrectly to yaw) and so I went back from 2.7.4-Beta to 2.7.3. When trying to apply my arming fix to the source code, I found that the bug wasn't there, and so must have been introduced between 2.7.3 and 2.7.4-Beta. It turns out that 2.7.3 is fine: all of my 8 ESCs arm properly, and the other problem disappeared as well. Bleeding edge indeed.

So sorry, Stephen, my research was for nought as I'm pretty sure that it won't fix your predicament as you're not running 2.7.4-Beta.

On a positive note: I got my X8 octo in the air today in acro and stable mode without touching any of the default (PID) parameters. Given that my layout (75cm m/m, 2.75kg AUW) is significantly different from a stock 3DR quad, that's quite surprising.

I discovered the cause for my inability to arm motors was due to my stick movements needing to be reversed. I discovered this when looking carefully at the desired PWM high/low values when doing the MP > Calibration > Radio step. So I now have 5 of 6 motors arming OK.

The 6th ESC can't seem to be calibrated. So I'm waiting for a replacement ESC from 3DR. 

My only remaining issue is I can't stop the motors from rotating; even when the stick is all the way down. See my other post.


That's great news about getting into the air without having to fiddle with the PIDs.

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