Slow Motor Speed Issue in "Stabilize" Mode APM 2 - HELP!

I am having an issue with my motors only spinning at approximately 35 to 50% of their capability in "stabilize mode". When I switch over to "RTL", they spool-up to full speed.

In "loiter", the motors slow down to maybe 20%

This is all being done on the bench without props attached as this is a new build & I'm testing before flight.

I have re-calibrating the ESC's, re-installed the latest firmware for my APM and my remote ("9XR" running "OpenTx" firmware with "OpenLRS" TX & RX and set value to 910 for "fail-safe".

When I calibrate the ESC's, my motors spool-up like mad when the APM is in "ESC calibration mode", however once the APM is back in regular flight mode after the calibration is complete, I cant get the same spool-up out of the motors by throttling up.

I'm sure its a simple setting somewhere that I have overlooked, however I cant find it after 2 days of searching out the issue. any and all help is greatly appreciated!

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did you ever get this problem solved? I'm have the same issue.

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