Hi people,

I am new to all of this subject, I have been reading for quite a while now though.
I am wondering, very hypothetical questions out of pure interest before I even start considering a build:

As you run the ground station on a notebook, can I run it on windows mobile?

Can I usb connect the Ardu pilot to a smartphone (with mobile internet access) via USB?

And if I can do this, can I not simply acess the phone remotely and control the autopilot via mobile internet link on my smartphone?

Would this theoretically make autonomous flight with in-flight waypoint upload and GPS coordinate & flight data livefeed to my notebook possible?

Is there anyway to feed RC signals into my notebook and transmit them via internet connection?

Any thoughts are greatly appreciated, I am trying to think as simply as possible here!

I know there are Arduino GPRS boards, but in the smartphone I have semi live video feed etc whihc would at least come in handy for long range operating.

Would I be better off using the conventional, tried and tested setup with signal enhancers if I want to increase the maximum effective range and scraping my smartphoen idea?

Electronics skills etc are all available, go crazy with the theory if u like ;)

Thanks for your thoughts!!

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I think the idea is great in theory, but the big question is whether or not you are going to get any reception hundreds of feet off of the ground. Also, you need to think about whether or not the internet connection will be good enough to send it commands, and possibly stream your semi-live video. If you can figure out work arounds to these problems, more power to you! But remember you will be controlling a very expensive aerial drone, and a bad phone connection could destroy your drone, if you have good failsafes, or you are willing to take that risk, then go for it.
Why would you worry that the cell range would be a problem in the air?

Most towers are good for several miles.

Yes there have been articles pointing out the radiation pattern is not optimized towards the vertical, but "hundreds of feet off of the ground"? Should be the least of your worries.

There have been a lot of threads discussing cell use for UAVs on this site... read on!
Thanks you for the quick replies!

If have the Ardupilot flying WP I would not be too worried about the data connection breaking for short periods.

I take it that this is a viable approach and I will start off by getting the ardupilot together and installing it in a small model.

I can make the uplink with XBees and switch these for a different data connection later on.

Out of pure interest, what is the longest autonomous UAV flight by civilians/amateurs you know of?

And is it realistically and safely possible to let a UAV fly significant distances without spending more than $2000 on the whole setup?

I am going to be building this bit by bit anyway and I am a student so money matters.

And, yes, I have google, but you guys knwo a lot more than I know and I wanna pick your brains if u let me :)

Dreams of flying long distances are how everyone starts. Then they learn that it's illegal. If you live in the United States and most other developed countries, you cannot fly beyond line of sight.

We've done smartphone autopilots here in the past (see here for one example). All they sound good in practice, they're actually poor platforms. They've got poor GPS modules, long latency and it's hard to interface external hardware with them. Even worse, they're all different and the OSs keep getting upgraded, so maintaining code is a nightmare.

If, however, you just want to use a smartphone for two-way wireless telemetry, you certainly could but it seems like huge overkill. Bigger, heavier and more expensive than Xbees. Given that you won't be flying beyond Xbee range, what's the advantage?
Hi Chris!

Ok. let me make it more applicable:

Let a UAX fly 320 + autonomous kms

Programmable via Ardupilot

Let the UAV take off in one RC controllers area and land in a completely different but software same area

I need min. 200 km asetup, if anyone can help let me know!

Cheers, MArk
While WIndows Mobile and regular Windows share a name and some visual elements they are two totally different operating systems. (Mobile is based off of PocketPC, a different beast) Transferring the program over would be require a lot of rewriting and I am not quite sure what you would end up with
As i said, I am a total noob to this...

So a more applicable approach is to use the XBees and, if needed, upgrade to 900MHz plus boosters..?


P.S.: I am in Medschool and have basic physics qualis, I am sure I can build this with my physics PHD's friend's help..
Ok, how about a 7 inch netbook with the screen removed..at least it has Windows! Tell me if I am wrong!

And I know I will need an appropriate airframe to carry this weight but this is just my "what if" thread :)
Just out of pure interest..of course I am gonna get an easystar and go slowly on this.

I came acros your page and me and the guys had a discussion, I am jus twondering if it is technically feasible without blowing 20.000k on it in a DIY way. Focus here is on ultra long range flight.

I dont plan on actually doing anything , apart from the legal situation, I really dont intend letting 100s of dollars worth of electronics fly anywhere where i cant get to it in 10 mins ;)

If I programm an UAV with waypoints I take it is possible to set the AP to follow these when data/RC connection is lost, but it takes the charme of having a real time data stream. If i get a flight logger I can reconstruct the flight later anyway, right?

My friend has an expanse of property that they mainly use for hunting and logging and he doesnt mind if I fly around over it :)

Does the google map functionality work anywhere? and i dont need to be online to use it, right?

I am probably gonna ask a few mor equestions in the next few says, but they do say measure 2x cut once.
I think it would help if you could explain the point. What's the problem with existing approaches that you're trying to solve?
I do not think that you will get good help to your questions here since this site is dedicated to LEGAL DIY UAV.
As you specified, you want to take off in one place and give over to AP and have somebody else land somewhere else. This definitely is not flying LINE OF SIGHT.
Nobody here wants to trespass official regulations!
Please understand that we all want to fly our planes and have the legislation evolve, but this is not the way to do it.
You are, of course, completely right, but I came across the site and somehow got a bit over enthusiastic.
Lets get me an easyjet ;)

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