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Looks pretty goofy.  Why so big?  Antennas are usually made to be mounted on poles, not on big flat surfaces.

Some wavelengths are more efficient with a back-plane.
Even mounting them near the ground or in front of a car or van can be effective.
That ply mount would be the perfect size and shape for the usual 8 dBi patch antenna.

I like the looks of it.  Will it come with the standard tripod screw mount?  Do you have a projected price yet?

Maybe I'm not getting the size perspective right.

With a tracking system I'd be using a lot higher gain directional antenna like a yagi.  It's pretty easy to aim a 70+ degree 8 dBi patch antenna manually.  It might be useful for a 12 dBi+ patch antenna though.

Sure, you could do it manually.  But hopefully not while flying.  These antenna trackers are common things, and this looks similar to the others.  Nothing goofy about it.

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