so im new to the blimp process and im confussed on the outdoor envelope material

so iv been making plans on first building an outdoor blimp thats just very simple. iv heard of polyeurothane and iv heard of a pvc laminated fabric...where does one get this stuff? how much does it cost? what type of polyeurothane is used for blimps? im greatfull for any and all help, thank you.

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Try these guys. I have purchased a number of blimps from them in the past and they have been helpful:

One word of warning regarding polyurethane is that is can be "eaten" by mildew we learned this the hard way by leaving a blimp in a trailer during warm weather and came back to it and it was full of microscopic holes.

thanks for the help paul!

huh I never would have thought that mildew would do that, this is a lesson I will keep in mind.

iv also checked out but id like to make mine, and im really considering poly. but I want to learn about pvc.

This mildew-would it be a problem for an endurance flight, would it eat the stuff that fast?

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