Hi guys, quick question about soldering up the connections on my new Minimosd I ordered from 3DR. I have almost zero solder skill (I get my GF to do most of the soldering), and have realised that although my APM 2.5 is fully put together, the MinimOSD needs some soldering to connect things to it. Currently  I have this soldering iron:


Would this be suitable to solder the circuit board? I usually only solder batter connections and wires together. My girlfriend thinks I need to get thinner tips, I read somewhere that 60W is too powerful for a circuit board. Ideally I would love to just pay someone to do it, its only a 5 minute job and i doesn't seem worth getting a new soldering iron for. I live in Melbourne, Australia, so any help, suggestions, advice and/or places to get this sorted would be most welcome.


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take the hit and let gf do it just dont tell anyone she will take care of that ;)

That one is a bit too big for fine work, but just wrap a short length of 12 or 14 gauge solid copper wire around and form a small tip. This is the best size iron for Dean's and XT60 power connectors. Cheers

She was always going to do it, realistically. When i solder it looks like a snake swallowing basketballs. You think I can use the 60W?

It'll probably cost me just as much for copper wire as it would for a cheap 25 watt soldering iron! lol. 

Check the auto and tools section at local 1$ store....

This is Australia buddy, there is no such thing as a $1 store! Even a beer cost $10 here.

I need a magnifying glass to see it,  there are a lot of utube videos that help

I ended up finding a guy on gumtree.com who did all my fine soldering for $40. Not too bad, worst part was the 1hr drive. 

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