What would the optimal wattage should I get I have a 60watt pen but its old and is going out I've seen a bunch of these resolder hot air iorn combos and I would like to get a nice setup that won't break the bank and will last me a while but Idk much about them I've always just had a pen style and they where always cheap used them once and just lost them in time

Thanks for your response

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buy a station, good ones are https://www.sparkfun.com/products/11704 and http://www.weller-toolsus.com/soldering/systems/wes-series/weller-w... (i have a weller)

They last forever, you can probably get second hand ones reasonable (I did)

for removing chips, i use low melt solder (I don't do it often, so this is cheap) http://store.curiousinventor.com/chip-quikr-surface-mount-desolderi...

OK thanks for the info

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