I'm putting together my first scratch built aircraft (H-quad) and am modelling the whole thing in solidworks. I would love to be able to drop in all the components I've purchased for the project to confirm fitment and weight/balance/etc.

Has anyone done these already? I'd assume such things exist from the design/production that might be liberated? If not, would anyone be interested in helping me put together a library of bits?

Components I have and plan to model (clearly some are more pertinent to this forum than others):

APM 2.5+ (side) without case

LEA6 GPS module

XL-MB1200 sonar module

915MHz telemetry module

3DRobotics OSD module

Hacker A20-20L motor

Hacker X20-Pro ESC

APC 11x4.7 Prop

FRSky TFR8 receiver

Turnigy 3S 5Ah battery

ReadyMadeRC 1.3GHz 300mW Transmitter

Misc. Carbon Fiber bits from DragonPlate

Thanks in advance!

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Hi David,

There's a bunch of stuff on GrabCAD, although no APM2 or similar, as far as I can find.  I'd be happy to help contribute to some stuff.  I have made up some crude models for my purposes which I might post up as well.

There are motors galore on GrabCAD also.

Thanks for the quick reply Andrew. I don't care if the appearance is perfect, functionally so is fine. My guess is that this includes dimensions and weight. I may even block out some of the larger components so it appears more recognizable.

I'll take the calipers to work tomorrow and start modelling them. Any in particular that you want to start with? I have no idea how to do propellers...;)

here's an 11 x 4.7 prop for you

here's a Hacker A40, which might be the basis to scale for an A20

here's an Xbee module

here's the Mediatek MT3229 which is similar to the LEA-6H, I think

you'll probably have to import most of these from STEP files and assign densities to get the mass as accurate as you need.

Actually, I prefer to do my initial W+B calculations in MS Excel, which you'll see an example of on my forum post under Airframes.


Thanks again! I'll have a look on Monday when I get back to the office.

For the basic weight an balance, I'm not too worried. I have heard however that the H-Quad configurations tend to have a significantly higher moment of inertia on pitch over roll. This is something I'd like to at least minimize during the config.

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