Does anyone know yet whether the Solo will be compatible with Mission Planner out of the box?


I would prefer to purchase a Solo instead of an X8+ but will require an ability to upload Mission Planner missions later this summer.




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You select UDP on Mission Planner and use you computers Wifi.  You need to connect via Wifi first on the computer then select UDP on the Mission Planner drop down list and off you go.


Hey Gavin thanks for that great idea.  You could run a full mission with the solo say doing a ag field ndvi right from the mission planner like my other 900mhz telemetry rigs and hopefully not loose that crummy wifi signal.  I am going to try that out I know the Nano versions are like 80 bucks wondering if i need to go up to a better model will have to look into that.
Gavin Greenwood said:

You could actually use a Ubiquiti wifi radio in station mode linked to the sololink wifi and that would create a long range link between the craft and the ground. This would allow for you to set inside a building on your computer in MP with full telemetry over the radio external on the building connected to solo. Just a thought....

Something like this



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