My solo flipped and destroyed the propellers on my first attempt  at flying it. Contacted solo .they wanted my logs I sent them 3 times and have been waiting for days to hear from someone at solo. After paying $1500.00 for the solo, I'm starting to get a little p'd. Can anyone tell me what to do?w

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Ox, here is a small about of data. I stopped counting at about 50 PEOPLE, and many of these have had multiple flips on landing and takeoff. This is on ONE small internet forum which we can assume only contains a tiny percentage of Solo buyers and owners. Here are the usernames. I could keep counting on other forums, reviews, etc.  but I will let you interpolate based on 100's of the incidents happening on one forum. 

Here are the usernames. I hope you consider this "data". On the other hand, I don't consider Chris's numbers as data because he doesn't really make it clear how many of those 60K Solos are actually in the hands of consumers? Surely he can guess how many are in his warehouses and in the pipeline? Also, I think we can agree that his "48" number is quite impossible if one tiny forum has more than that. 

Anyway, I stand by the opinion and statement that "flipping of Solo is not a rarity". Let the readers make their own decisions. 

(Initial Flip experiences from 3DR Solo Pilots forums. Many pilots have reported it happening multiple times - some below also had it happen on multiple Solos - that is, after they exchanged via RMA)
Jake J
Matt Chevalier
That Jobless Bloke
Chip Luck
Isaak Bustard
Ed Beck
Doug Benson
Jesus E. Juarez
Kevin Leung
Isaak Bustard
Drone Canada
Normy norm
Steven Ackerman
ChrisM101 (more than one Solo)
Robert Hunter
Han Solo

Perhaps the direction of the propeller is wrong?

Would be impossible.. Self locking props only fit in one direction. Otherwise they would get lost when motor is spinning up

What a stupid thing to say. I say you don't know what a knowledge
base is, but I shouldn't be surprised.

LOL so when someone says they crashed it automatically means it is a problem in the aircraft? I see you are too accommodated to DJI... And yeah, the CEO of 3DR has worse data than you... Just because people say in a forum that they crashed it doesn't mean it was the fault of the aircraft nor that they requested support from the manufacturer.

Also interesting that you posted usernames instead of the links to the posts.


I go with my papers to conferences.

Flipping is due to airframe construction (small diameter), low weight assigned to legs.

Due to microsec delays , phase shift between ESCs, 1-2 motors get more thrust/ lift force  microsecs earlier than the other motors, making drone structure to flip due to motoric instability.

If you implement take off pre-warming mode to let propellers to idle, let motors, FETs in ESC to warm up you can completely forget flipping on take-off.

Flipping on landing is due to ground effect.\

Reduced lift force due to reduced thrust force generates airframe instability since system made of 4 motors and 2-blade propellers is highly unstable at low RPM if connected to lightweight airframe

and lightweight support legs, making centre of mass to move up.

On take-off, landing, all ESCs should be clock synched to avoid microsec phase shift delay due to flight controller executing ESC1, ESC2, ESC3, ESC4 ...

control loop.

Another solution is to implement precision thrust control on take-off/ landing

This sounds correct - at least in a general sense.

Many of the flips appear to be when the machine is drifting away (ground effect, GPS, etc.) and then it catches a single leg on the ground. If the legs were more of a platform rather than being individual, it may have helped this.

I do agree that the basic GPS problems were solved years ago in the industry. So were most problems with propellers continuing to run after a unit is upside down.

" It is impossible to make something foolproof, sooner or later you WILL run into a sufficiently talented fool "

Like the idiot in the video that unboxes a Solo, and does his first flight in a crowded city space.

Or the idiot that just stands there watching a flipped Solo beating itself to death.

I don't have a Solo, I would like one, but I can't afford it. I have an old 3DR kit build quad with APM 2.

It has never crashed, or done something stupid.

Yes, electronics is my trade, yes I have above average mechanical skills, yes I've been flying RC since 1980.

Did these idiots do a proper preflight test ?

Did they have good GPS signal ?

Do they have any previous RC skills ?

Electronic skills, mechanical skills, understand radio frequencies, GPS tech ?

etc, etc, etc.

Just wondering.......

I think your answer - and the answer to some of the other debated topics here (and elsewhere) depends on the company selling/marketing/making the unit and the "separation of church and state" as it pertains to consumer electronics.

When it comes to what is being discussed here - the Solo - it is 100% marketed to beginners, pros and everyone in between. Almost none of the marketing is geared toward DIY'ers, hobbyists, etc.

So whereas it may take 100's of hours of skills to do what you do (DIY, etc.), the consumer quadcopters are marketed toward those who have maybe a couple hours - and maybe no aptitude. This is not just a one-time marketing jingo - but repeated constantly like a drumbeat "I could take your sister or mother outside and in 5 minutes they'd be flying this and getting the shots".

So - are people idiots for assuming that what is marked on the box, in the literature and constantly repeated by the at least 1/2 way true? I'd say no.

Not to say I can answer all your questions but the guy beating the props to death claims to have 100+ hours on his other Solos. 

While some people may be idiots I don't automatically assume that everyone or most people are. 

Rather I think that the idea of ALL modern consumer products is to somewhat protect us from ourselves. If it were not for this type of design people would be getting killed by the lack of proper grounding in their power tools daily (I know someone who died in their garage from a circular saw and a puddle...but this was before they improved both the house wiring codes and the building of the tools).

Again, "aerial robots" and "smart drones" are supposed to be smart and getting smarter. My Roomba is very smart. It won't suck up a power cord, won't head down the stairs and does lots of other things to protect it and me. 

If we are/were discussing DIY that is an entirely different story! Granted a lot of this has gotten confused because of 3DR's evolution away from DIY to a corporate entity looking for general acceptance. But when you step into the ring of consumer products, you have to measure up to the consumers needs and wants as well as the generally accepted norms of how things should work.

The mods would be

Did you read or followup on any of your links? No, because you provide no statistical value to anything you say. Darius Jack is a malfunctioning Hal 5000; sounds impressive but complete garbled nonsense.

If you bothered to check even one of your links, a common problem is people do not calibrate the sticks. IOW, they don't follow instructions or read. Unless and until you break each entry down to the cause and effect level, nothing you say is worth reading. Come to think of it, nothing you say is worth reading regardless.

You've never owned a Solo, and don't know anything about Arducopter.

  Now bugger off to the rock you came out from under and analyze these

Or maybe do some "research" into the chronic cracking arms, untold numbers of flyaways, motors falling off mounts on all Phantom models, P3's and Inspires falling out of the sky even today, the failed attempt by DJI creating a working mission planner, how DJI completely screwed over their customers who paid several thousands of dollars for a system, then just left them dry

P.S. I've had two Solo's and did not have either flip over. 

I have never had this issue with a quad i built with limited experience and been flying it for a full year ! I refuse to believe that this is an actual issue with a commercial quality drone.. This is an issue with people who buy them who do not read enough and research the technology and requirements. Do some homework... 

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