My solo flipped and destroyed the propellers on my first attempt  at flying it. Contacted solo .they wanted my logs I sent them 3 times and have been waiting for days to hear from someone at solo. After paying $1500.00 for the solo, I'm starting to get a little p'd. Can anyone tell me what to do?w

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This is an issue with people who buy them who do not read enough and research the technology and requirements. Do some homework...

The term RTFM comes to mind :-)

well yes lol . IT has to be. Again find it so hard to believe its anything else since my DIY quad flies amazing... for 1 year..

Hah, three+ years and not counting anymore :-)

I agree with Tony, but to an extent.  I would say Tony you got lucky if you built a quad and it flew with no issues for a year.  I have an MS in engineering and I'm a full scale flight test professional however, it took me 3+ months to get a DIY quad in the air, and another 2 months of development to make it do something useful more than a couple times.  Granted I tried to do everything the right way and put a lot of time and research into every single part I bought, but even then there are always little bugs.  I'm also still standing on the shoulders of the folks who developed  both the autopilot software AND the hardware.  There are also inherently more risks in going the DIY route since you have to research each component which introduces more human error into the equation.  

It seems like 3DR is doing everything they can to help Jack out, great to hear there is great customer service coming from that company.  When doing trade studies on components for my own setup I had a column for customer service/support as a pivot.  Why?  Because when you invest as much time and money as we all have into something you care about you want to make sure someone is going to care WHEN it malfunctions.  For all intents and purposes, this guy did do his homework.  He researched and bought a 3DR Solo, and here, in this forum he found people that cared about his issue with it.  And he is getting taken care of by 3DR.  

Everyone is so tied up in understanding the difference between DIY and commercial products instead of realizing we are all trying to accomplish roughly the same goal.  

My DIY quad is a collection of commercially bought products.  I had to research them all.  Jack bought a commercially built quad.  He researched that product and found others had a couple minor issues which the manufacturer has fixed.  I think we should mark this as {SOLVED}.

Yes i totally agree with you. And to add,  i also took my time and build my quad within 2-3 months after reading forums for months and months. But i would not say he did his homework. There has to be more passion than just write on a forum and contact 3DR. Like with anything else i personally do. I have alot of other hobbies. From guns to motorcycles and photography, scuba diving. I never just grab stuff and expect it to just WORK. Thats just me though.  

You two are a match made in heaven.

It seems the new owner who has no quad flying experience are the one had trouble. In one video, the operator did not know how to stop the quad. 

Jack I also had my solo flip after landing and destroy a set of props and pepper the rental car with gravel. I thought it was a fluke and since I just flew to Maui with it I thought I would give it another chance. Again same thing except I was able to keep it from flipping by continually take off again and again. Was able to switch it to manual stabilize mode and it almost was uncontrollable at that point, very loose controls. Again got it on the ground and the only thing I could do to save it as it would not detect a landing or shutoff using emergency procedure was to hold throttle down with left hand and grab the body while sneaking my finger to the power button on the battery. Sent 3DR my logs today hope to hear some good news back soon.


could you attach log files to let us study your case ?

Is your Solo controlled by Pixhawk Pro and AutoPilot Pro version ?

Darius that question shows that you are not qualified to troubleshoot our system.

I am just building Knowledge Database

for 100+ drone unusual incidents, crash cases and 100+ for correctly commanded drones, made of log file analysis.

All I need to know if firmware comes with an old FSF GNU licence to read (as below).

No warranty ... to fit for any purpose...

or Not fir for any purpose  - licence

has been removed from 

Firmware PRO 

My question is for real under previous legislation by FAA on personal drone aircraft registration

and pending Senate legislation on the testing and certification of

commercial drones.

I would like to know (get assured) if ArduPilot , ArduDrone can get ever certified

by FAA, featuring:

Not fit for any pupose licence for software firmware.

/// -*- tab-width: 4; Mode: C++; c-basic-offset: 4; indent-tabs-mode: nil -*-


  24 state EKF based on work by Paul Riseborough

  Converted from Matlab to C++ by Andrew Tridgell

  This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify

  it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by

  the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or

  (at your option) any later version.

  This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,

  but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of


  GNU General Public License for more details.


  You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License

  along with this program. If not, see a href=">" target="_blank">>;.


#include <AP_Math.h>

class Kalman24



    // constructor

    Kalman24() {}

    void CovariancePrediction(Vector3f deltaAngle, 

                              Vector3f deltaVelocity,

                              float dt,

                              bool onGround);


    // note that some of these are temporary variables, but we don't 

    // want huge spikes in stack usage, so better to make these class variables

    float _states[24];

    float _P[24][24];

    float _predP[24][24];

    float _SF[21];

    float _SG[8];

    float _SQ[11];

    float _SPP[13];

    float _processNoise[24];

    float P(uint8_t i, uint8_t j) { return _P[i-1][j-1]; }

    float &predP(uint8_t i, uint8_t j) { return _predP[i-1][j-1]; }

    float &SF(uint8_t i) { return _SF[i-1]; }

    float &SG(uint8_t i) { return _SG[i-1]; }

    float &SQ(uint8_t i) { return _SQ[i-1]; }

    float &SPP(uint8_t i) { return _SPP[i-1]; }

    float &processNoise(uint8_t i) { return _processNoise[i-1]; }

    float &states(uint8_t i) { return _states[i-1]; }

    void predPzeroRows(uint8_t first, uint8_t last);

    void predPzeroCols(uint8_t first, uint8_t last);


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