My solo flipped and destroyed the propellers on my first attempt  at flying it. Contacted solo .they wanted my logs I sent them 3 times and have been waiting for days to hear from someone at solo. After paying $1500.00 for the solo, I'm starting to get a little p'd. Can anyone tell me what to do?w

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DG, thanks for the question/comment, I did come across that recommendation last night after returning from my trip.  

No I did not re-calibrate the sticks yet for a few reasons; flights before leaving for Maui all went well landing on soft grass was not an issue, was on vacation until yesterday if I were to spend any amount of time trying to diagnose a UAS instead of drinking beverages on the beach my significant other would have murdered me and lastly maybe the most important reason is I purchased this for enjoyment out of the box otherwise I could have packed one of the many others I already have (in other words still a little aggravated and don't want to look at it.)

Some assumptions/hopes I made... and I will be the first to admit that I have not spent more than 30min going through the forum on this topic..yet.   

1. Sticks should be calibrated before the solo ships 

2. If calibrated it should stay calibrated for longer than a week 

3. (auto land) Detection of landing should not be dependent on stick calibration but only on accelerometer values, if it does I believe they should be decoupled.

Maybe 3DR can confirm?

For now I will just leave it to 3DR and hope they can resolve this. (and send me another set of props) :)  


I agree, most definitely wait for 3DR to respond. Please keep us updated.

A question, where was you last flight before Maui ?

I wonder if the compass should have been recalibrated. 

Gustav/DG, 1st flight Las Angeles with multiple successful landings in soft grass. 2nd flight with successful landing on beach with loose small rocks. 3rd and 4th flights takeoff and unsuccessful landings from pavement.

I agree that the compass probably could have used a calibration and if that was the case then the system should have given that request/warning as stated in the manual, and trust me I was waiting for that to popup on the transmitter screen and it never did. I have built and flown many UAS systems mostly with Pixhawk and 2.5 all over the US and northern Alberta CA and have always calibrated the compass if I have changed location more than 50 miles, a pain in the a$$ especially with large aircraft.   

The compass should only be controlling planer/heading readings and movements and should not be used in detecting a landing acceleration. During all flights I had zero issues with heading hold.      


could you explain


The compass should only be controlling planer/heading readings and movements and should not be used in detecting a landing acceleration."

how compass could be used in detecting a landing acceleration ?


Sure thing, I was responding to the questions/comments regarding the compass calibration and possibly assuming that it could be a cause for the flipping issue and not detecting landing. I never said it could be used in detecting a landing acceleration. Really just stating that this sensor and its calibration is highly unlikely linked to my problem. 



thank for your clarification.

landing acceleration vs. accelerated landing ?

Tell me if Solo can autocalibrate compass against GPS the North heading ?

I would really love APM PRO and other DronePilots to come

with autocalibration pre-flight standard

Joysticks can be autocalibrated either on the ground.

(Update) I got some information back from 3DR as to why mine did a back-flip, thanks 3DR for getting back to me so quickly.

The first flip was caused by me doing a manual landing while in "FLY" mode and it showed a roll of 5.5 degrees to the right and a pitch forward of 11.88 degrees so the SOLO did not detect the landing, thinking it was still in flight the SOLO tried to level itself causing the flip. I am not sure why it would correct 11.88 degrees of pitch by doing -180 degrees backwards, seems a bit excessive. I would also assume that if the touching of the ground can been seen in the logs why cant solo detect it?

I was also told that at the start of the flight the attitude reading show that the SOLO was tilted as well(6.4 degrees on roll, 4.4 degrees on pitch) so it is likely that the SOLO took off and landed on an uneven surface. I would think that in the real world 6.4 and 4.4 degrees would be considered level ground, are we expected to pack a level and a shovel before we fly? Both flights that had issues are from fairly level pavement, one in a parking lot and the other from a large pullout along side a road. 

The second flight appears to start with the solo on an uneven surface as well(2 degrees roll, 7 degrees pitch) and in every landing attempt the SOLO touches the ground and tilts to 9 degree pitch and 8 degree roll so the SOLO does not detect the landing. My first thought is why was it tilting 9 degrees pitch and 8 degrees roll? 

Recommended solution is to do a re-calibration on the accelerometers and do a test flight landing using the auto landing modes.

I believe that all systems should allow manual takeover especially on landing without having this issue especially if my throttle is at the minimum position after touchdown. Throttle control should be able to override all automated wishes and desires. 

Am I missing something here with my logic, any thoughts from the community? Jack did you get anything back from 3DR?


That stuff doesn't make sense. No need to explain since you already have. Quads live in the real world and take off and land from all kinds of surfaces. If a surface is angled too much some models may tip over - but that's not a flip and I really doubt it happens at 10 or 12 degrees. The Solo, after all, has a fairly wide stance :-)

I doubt that the 100's of thousands of Parrots, Walkers, APM machines, DJI and Yuneecs do the same thing. If so, I haven't heard of it. 

As I said earlier, anecdotal evidence shows that the Solo is very prone to not knowing about landing, resulting in flips and drifting away, etc.

I don't think you can solve the problem easily. 

@Craig Issod. You haven't heard of any others because you only concentrate on the few Solo's and ignore everything you don't want to see,  make it up as you go along and dare I say lie. You've demonstrated time and again you know nothing technically and only have a vendetta against 3DR. That's it in a nutshell.

Phantoms are well known for tipping over and crappy landings. That's why so many catch them in the air. Now the Follow Me mode is causing flyaways and crashes. Oh you didn't know about that? Yes Craig, it's another DJI flight code bug. No doubt you'll do a complete research article on it and make 1000 posts at RCG.

Ever see a Yuneec Q500 land? Bounce. Bounce. Bounce.

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