How low are you guys draining your battery per flight?

I have been testing it slowly, 20%...8% etc...

What I am wondering is if this smart drone will leave enough juice to return home based on how far away it is from that location?

I have been hitting the 20 min mark when I land below 10%

Next flight I will hover 1-2 feet off the ground above home and see how low will it go.

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Thanks so much!  Is it safe to assume that I won't be able to test the individual cells, just the battery voltage as a whole?  And has anyone done a conversion chart for voltage to battery percentage?

So I went and bought a digital multimeter, but I'm thinking that I need a different attachment maybe?  The probes don't fit into the slots on the battery, and I'm pretty sure it's not a good idea to jam them in there.  Anyone have any advice?

Thanks so much!


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