Some bugs found

Hi to the developers.
I want to share some experience of using the APM Plane system. There are some things I don't like.

Incorrect End Point working of the elevons in the STAB mode and I presume in the other modes too
Video №2 shows.
I have setted up the End Point Adjustment in the TX and then calibrated the radio in the MP, so in the MANUAL mode I got proper max traveling of the elevons.
Problem: when the STAB mode is switched on, the max rate of the elevons is increasing. Is this a bug or it should be like that? The only thing is helped to do the same elevon rates in MANUAL and STAB modes is the increasing the RC2_MAX parameter. As my point of view if I configure the elevon max rates of the model by the TX, then they APM shouldn't do to increase these settings otherwise the mechanics can damage.

Inaccurate range of current calculating.
Video №1 shows.
The tester shows about 0.6 Amps but the MP shows the range 0.2-1.2, well the middle is ~0.6 but why it blinking much lower or much higher values? The same thing I see in the Voltage.

Is it possible to work with the terminal via wireless?

Accel calibration.
When I do calibration of the accel the MP confirms me by the sign in the bottom "Calibrate" but if I want to calibrate it again I should press on the "Done" button, misunderstanding. Better to do the dialog box of confirmation and not to change the sign of the button.

Altitude control in the FBW and CRUISE modes.
Is it possible to do the manual elevator control (like stick mixing) in those modes.

Wish to help improve the system.

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