I test terrain following last week,but failed badly,almost lost my plane!There were some problem puzzling me.


First,what's the difference between Absolute and Terrain?I have read "http://plane.ardupilot.com/wiki/common-terrain-following/",it says as bellow 
But it didn't mention what should be done in the MP? Does all I need in the MP is just to choose "Terrain"?

Second, should I both choose the "Terrain" and "Verify Height"? I see that once I choose "Verify Height",the "Alt" will change.but i can't figure out the relationship.

Last, sometimes "no terrain data"will show in the MP if I connect PIX.I think it's beceuse I set "TERRAIN_ENABLE to 1 and TERRAIN_FOLLOW to 1",and no terrain data in SD card. Does that mean that if no prompt shows,terrain follow is ok?

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I roughly know the look ahead meaning.Wait for my next test in mountainous  area/  

Hi did you ever get this sorted out? I wish there was a detailed glossary on the parameter terms. For example, the difference between ter_alt and curter_alt?

Anyway, if you figured it all out, I would appreciate a few details on your approach. Thanks!

Hello, I`m also very very interested in understanding exactly what the plane will do in function of different settings.

It is a pity that there is no wiki where a detailed description can be found or test flight can be reported & shared. (I do have my own wiki where I`m collecting all type of DIY Drones data and info, but I do not think that is the best place for the moment to create a detailed description - you might visit it at drones4all.info)

By the way, I created another discussion issue at http://diydrones.com/forum/topics/terrain-following-documentation-q... where there are some other doubts I have in relation to TERRAIN FOLLOWING.

Hi @iskess , could you tell me where I can find the Mission Planner Elevation Profile screen?

Right click on the planning map, map tools, elevation profile

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