Hi im looking for a quad or hex that could hold a small mirroless camera like the panasonic g7 with a gimbal. I like the dji cuz of the folding arms and the retracts but its a bit overpriced, also not sure if i need something that big. if anyone has some inexpensive suggestions pls let me know. maybe something from tarot?

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Arbutus said:

eCalc is a great place to start. The thrust/power calcs are quite a bit off if I compare the computed values compared with real, measured values. eCalc is usually conservative, but it relies on manufacturer's marketing data, not real-life tested systems.

Ray Anderson said:

For your calculations, use ecalc.com

damn the new phantom 4 pro is killin my diy ideas. i feel like there is no way to get something like that with all those features and compatability for a lower price.

If you are still looking for a way to carry your s7, this could be an option and meets the rest of your requirements: https://hobbyking.com/en_us/aperture-rtf-m1.html

I think that if you study what the RC Logger NovaX 350 has to offer you will find it to be a price value leader which offers you everything you are stating you would like to have. It also offers full autonomous pref light planning, a smart phone configuration application with your choice of GoPro or Xiaomi Yi cameras.

I am not a vendor nor employee of RC Logger just a happy customer.

That looks pretty cool but it's missing a camera live feed which makes it essentially useless for areial video.

A little more research will reveal that there is a version - NovaX Plus Aerial Photography Set available with a G3 Pro Gimbal that includes a 5.8Ghz transmitter integrtated into the gimbal attachment platform.- you supply GoPro or Yi camera - http://www.rclogger.com/NovaX-Plus-Aerial-Photography-Set.html

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