Something wrong with takeoff event.


it may be that i messed up something in my config but i cant find what is it so i am here asking for help, i have made at least 5 fully autonomous fixed wing 'drones' before but this time something has gone wrong and i cant find my mistake.

the thing is that with the other planes, when i have a mission loaded and the drone is ready for takeoff and i enter auto mode, the elevator goes all the way up and (distance>1) <--- distance to first wp is displayed in the user HUD in mission planner, in this case when I enter auto mode the elevator goes up (full deflection) for an instant and the HUD shows the "distance for the third waypoint" (being the second wp a do_set_cam trig_dist) this behavior only occurs when i have gps fix, when i test it inside my house without gps lock it works just as it should or as i think it should.

I have checked my tkoff params and they seem to be ok.

if anyone knows what could be causing this problem and help me out of it it would be greatly appreciated 

ps, at first i was running on arduplane 3.8.5, today i upgraded to 3.9.2 and nothing changed

in the pic i uploaded it shows a "takeoff completed at -0.06m" message. what could it be :/ 

thanks in advance, Any question or comment will be highly appreciated.  

takeoff complete.PNG

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