I have AMP 2.6 with Arducopter 2.3. 

I have Sonar MB1040 LV-MaxSonar-EZ4. 

it;'s connected in A0 with Signal in AN port of the sonar.

but I can figure out how to get the "Sonar enable" checkbox "checkable", is always disabled. Sonar clicks if you put the ear near, so look to be working.


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  • Found this on another forum. Follow the instructions and it should work http://copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/common-rangefinder-maxbotix-analog/

    So far I can see the numbers changing but I haven't flight tested yet. I'll post tomorrow afternoon. 

    • thx, i'll check it tonight and send feedback.

      I have 3DR APM 2.6, what's your setup?

      • No luck here :S




        • Did you click on write parameters icon? Mine worked, I just need to find if there's a way it can react quicker.

          • well, now is better.

            at least i get some readings


            but always 4.9v.

            i gotta measure the sonar output and compare.

            if i disconnect, it jumps to 5v


            Also i'll try to move the scaling factor to 1.4 (from 2.04), so i get the 5v=7m

            hopefully is not a broken sonar, The sonar "clicks". any idea how to check that it actually works ok?

            • So far until they fix the issue with the box there is no way of checking it, but sonar is active and ready to use. The only way to check it is making sure you get a change in numbers on MP and the other is test flight. I set it to ALTHOLD in an open space then place my hand under it and and see it react. Same for LOITER. Once that is done then is up to you to check your logs and fine tune it as you wish.

  • have you guys been able to solve this? It's driving me crazy that I can't find a forum that would talk about this. It's like the 3DR people just dismissed this. I need sonar and all the instructions I can find are not updated to account for this issue. My problem started when I updated to the new firmware and latest update of the MP. Very frustrating

    • Same here!

      unfortunately no answer from any dev. 

      And release notes are not really clear about why was removed and if it's for both APM 1 and 2.

      Not sure who ti ping.

    • Same here!

      unfortunately no answer from any dev. 

      And release notes are not really clear about why was removed and if it's for both APM 1 and 2.

      Not sure who ti ping.

  • Same here, in the official AC 3.2 notes it mentioned sonar being removed for APM 1 but nothing about APM 2, hope this gets sorted as it's likely limited to MP

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