I have installed the sonar XLL-EZ0 on the quadcopter (3DR). Then I launch a sonar test though the CLI in the mission planner software. The arducopter is connected via USB only (no battery).

The minimum reading with the sonar command is 20 cm. Is this a limit set in the software/firmware or is this a bug ? (Normally the sonar starts measuring at 1 mm according to the product's datasheet).


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Thats not a bug.  Anything less than 20cm gets reported from the hardware to the APM as 20cm exactly.  Its a set limit in the sonar hardware.

Hello !
I had the same thoughts just a few days ago, is the 20 cm regarded as the copter is on the ground ?
and if I mount the sonar like 5 cm from the ground, will it then drop the last 15 cm on a autolanding ?

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