I couldn't find any information on how to operate a Sony Alpha A7 over IR from a home made source (arduino for instance) so I reveres engineered the codes and thought I would share.

I have an Airpixel commander and it is perfect for my UAV application and I recommend it. For a couple of other photography applications it is over kill so I wanted to be able to trigger and control my A7 over IR from another source.

The following are the codes I successfully tested from an Arduino suing IRremote library:

Photo     740239    B4B8F   // Shutter | take photo
VID       76687     12B8F   // Start | stop video recording
DISP      166799    28B8F   // Display change cycles round
Menu      117647    1CB8F   // Enter menu | leave menu
MenuU     379791    5CB8F   // Menu up
menuD     904079    DCB8F   // Menu down
menuR     1035151   FCB8F   // Menu right
menuL     510863    7CB8F   // Menu left
OK        641937    9CB91   // Menu OK
Z+        338831    52B8F   // Zoom in
Z-        863119    D2B8F   // Zoom out
One used on my cheap IR remote:
Delay 2s 969615 ECB8F // shutter with 2s delay

The IRremote library has plenty of examples but the sony library you need is the 20 nit version and 3 repeats of the code appear to be needed. This code works fine.
This is to trigger a photo capture using the decimal code.

  for (int i=0; i<3; i++){       irsend.sendSony(740239, 20); // shutter       delay(40);

This is the same function using hex ( the 0x is added to denote hex)

for (int i=0; i<3; i++){
irsend.sendSony(0xB4B8F, 20); // shutter

I am sure I will now be inundated with links to complete documentation, but it's here if anyone needs it.

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Thanks for posting this!

@bob this is great code, thank you!

Any chance you have the code for shutter speed, aperture and white balance (if there is one)?

These are all the codes I could glean. Sorry.

This is great code, thanks for sharing! 


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