Hey folks!

Anyone tested the Nex 7 for aerial photo?

Are nex 5-6 just as good?

suggestions for a new hexaflyer?



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I'm just starting down this path as well, but I already ended up going with the NEX-5r for a few reasons:

  • Still a very good sensor (even if it's not quite as good as the 7)
  • Lighter than the 7 and 6, and it seems like every gram counts.
  • Still able to use the "apps" so I can install the timelapse software on it.
  • There was a good sale on it a month or two ago.



Im using the Nex 5r as well, and I love it. I have the Sigma 30mm prime, which has very nice optics. I use it for aerial mapping, and the time lapse app (which is not available on the 6 or 7), is awesome.


There's a huge price difference between the 5 and 7, because the megapixels are a lot more on the 7.


I am considering getting the Nex 7 as well. If money is not a consideration, are there pluses for the Nex 7 other than resolution that warrant getting it over the Nex 5? Are there operational disadvantages of the Nex 7 vs. the Nex 5 such as the time lapse app? Are there additional advantages of the Nex 7 other than mega pixel count? Weight difference won't matter on the platform I will use.

well you don't have the timelapse app, so you'll need to use an external intervalometer, or if using the APM you can trigger through the software and a trigger.

Other than the megapixels, for aerial photography, I cant think of many more reasons for the Nex7.

Thanks for the reply Matt. I am using APM, so that may be the simplest way to trigger the camera.

Hi  Matt and  others,

Can you please explain to  me how to get to the timelapse  function  on the Sony NEX 5R?

Is  the function also available  on the 5D and the 5N?  I am in the  market  fore a camera suitable for aerial mapping and I like the Sony. but  i thought that it  has no intervalometer function (was told so by camera shop)


Thaba Raptor

Has anyone tried a Sony RX1 or RX1-R? Both look compelling choices, although obviously a bit more pricey. The NEX-FF when it comes out could be excellent too.

I've been using the NEX6 and it's great.  Contrary to Matt Gunn's post, it does indeed have access to the interval app, which I have installed and use regularly.  Photos are very high quality and it can easily shoot the max of 990 photos (max for the interval mode) on a single card and battery.

for reference, the NEX6 with a battery, SD card, and Sony 20mm f/2.8 lens is 433g.  About the weight of a 5000mah battery.

I am considering a Nex5/6/7 for photomapping. Currently using Canon SX260 which has a GPS built in.

Since the Sony doesnt have a GPS, how do you tag the pictures / syncronise with APM ? 

And do you use the intervalometer or the APM triggers. If APM triggers, then is the Sony controlled via IR ? 

Lastly, is there a vast difference in the image quality between a Nex5 and Nex7 to justify the near double price difference ? 

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