I am looking for feedback on using the Sony RX100iii as an aerial mapping camera. Currently we use the Canon SX260 with occasional blurred shots and lower-res/quality than we would like. The RX100iii looks like an excellent replacement but I am hoping for some feedback before making a purchase.


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Forgot: The connection is the full 15 pin multi port, so maybe....

@Reuben @Esben

In the body of my QX 100 i see 5 pins.

I've receive an interesting mail tonight from 3DR, look at the page of 3DR Instagram.

You can see QX1 under Iris+, very good job!

However the weight of QX1 without lens is 216gr. Too heavy for me.

But the QX1 seem to be trigger by USB, maybe QX100 too.



I took a look at a QX100 and the 10 extra pin are located behind the 5 usb pins. (Or maybe I am just getting a bit blind)

The QX1 might have more functionality, or someone just figured it out :-) According to this page its doable: http://e4e.ucsd.edu/wordpress/?p=2746

That approach, however, will not work for the QX100.



I also have a Sony RX100 M3 which I want install on a drone. If anyone has done this could they advise on what 3 axis gimbal that would suit this camera?

Seen a lot of really good reviews and videos using this one:

TP100A 3-Axis Brushless Direct-Drive Gimbal


Thanks for the link and it looks exactly what I want. Even has photos of the RX100 in the gimbal!

The Sony RX100 M3 is a great little camera and I am awaiting delivery of a Stratosnapper 2.

Can I ask what frame would be good to carry this gear? I was looking at Lumenier QAV500 V2


but any other suggestions would be appreciated!!

If it were me I would want something a little more beefier than that frame. You are going to need to be able to hang the gimbal underneath it so something with some landing gear and clearance is necessary. Also depends on how much flight time you want. I always use eCalc these days to add everything up and make sure I am using the best components for the purpose.

Sounds good advise and I will visit eCalc.

Thanks again.

You can control both the QX1 and the QX100 via WiFi interface. I have successfully flown the QX1 on a fixed wing triggering over WiFi with an interface that I designed and wrote. This interface will allow you to control all aspects of the camera including shooting mode, ISO, F Stop, Shutter Speed, Zoom (if a power zoom lens is there), etc. You could potentially also transfer the images in real time to a ground station. I have however not tried that because currently my RC is on the same WiFi frequency so with small transfers like just the shooting commands I get no interference. But I fear transferring images over WiFi may introduce more interference. TBD though.

Hi Esben,

How to you triggered your RX100 III? I bought one and I'm trying to build a trigger cable.


My Sony Rx100 III has a micro USB connector, I try everything but I can't trigger from my APM.
I need to do some configuration in camera?
Does PWM values must be 900 and 1900?
I connected the black wire and shield to the GND and the green "center" wire to PWM signal, It's correct? I tried to connect green and white wires together but without any result.

Thank you very much

Hi Brenner 

I am not sure you can use a remote on the Rx100 .. although i think the version 3 might be able to ..can it use sonys o.e. remote plugged into multiport ???

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