I am looking for feedback on using the Sony RX100iii as an aerial mapping camera. Currently we use the Canon SX260 with occasional blurred shots and lower-res/quality than we would like. The RX100iii looks like an excellent replacement but I am hoping for some feedback before making a purchase.


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Hi Shawn:

thank you for this thread. I am also looking something with better resolution to replace my S100. My question, how do you get GPS info with RX100?

Geo-tag images from mapping mission using Mission Planner.

Hi Joseph,

did you find a way to live connect the HDMI and remote control the Samsung NX500 when mounted on an aerial gimbal? Please let me know,thanks.

I must decide today between the Sony RX100 IV and the (discontinued) Samsung NX500.

Sorry, I never have tried the live connect with the remote control.  

I have designed a RX100-III (& IV) mount for the 3DR Iris, X8 and Solo for a client of mine to use at their Geo Mapping Company.


BTW Nice remote trigger you folks have developed. ;)

I've searched around but I cannot find any information about a possible hack on the RX-100 III/IV to implement a dedicated GPS antenna to georeference the images. Do you have any tip about it?


Sony is better choice. Sony mega pixels are best for sharp images.

Dear colleagues, 

we try to use Sony QX100 for our plane and found very strange behavior: the camera lost focusing and closed lens by itself during the flight (sometime during1-2 minutes, sometimes need more time)... 

What explanations can be given for such behavior?

I will be grateful for any idea!

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