SOS - hexacopter built, issues with getting remote transmitter to get esc's started - 100% girl built!

Hi. I am a newby on this site and a newby in building a drone. I have taken on the challenge of building a hexacopter not knowing much other than how to solder boards. Yikes! So here I am a girl with a solder iron who has managed to put together a nice hexacopter but I am now down to the very technical part of getting the pixhawk to talk to the frsky and oooooh boy, its all so complicated!


Here is what I have:


Tarot 680 hexacopter

Turnigy 9xr Transmitter Mode 1

3dr pixhawk

PPM adapter

FrSky DJ 2.4Ghz Combo Pack for JR w/ Module & RX


Here is my issue....

Downloaded Mission Planner (still wonder why there is not a version for Mac)., have gone through all fo the calibrations with transmitter, etc etc etc.

I have tried to calibrate the esc's - not sure if I did correctly as I followed directions with ARDU and I got the beeps for the battery cells but it seems to be continuous and non stop. However tried to arm and it seem inconsistent with solid green light, I have gotten that 'magical' solid light to green but when I go to increase throttle - nothing, however if I increase elevation I get random spins on motors on anywhere from one to three at a time.

What am I doing wrong!? Why can't there be a simple tutorial on how to do the set up with this system as noted above? I have fixed circuit board and even though I am a blonde chick that often gets mistaken for being unintelligent I am now wondering if the calibration in the transmitter was not done correctly and thereby messing with esc calibration?

Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I need to show my bf that I can do this as he's discounted every suggestion I've made and I really want to figure this out. Thank you!!!

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