I'm looking to build a skywalker x8 but there is a few improvements I would like to make. I would like to make a space frame from c/f rods and the shell from fiberglass. The reason for this is to increase wing strength, have a much larger space for components (hollow wings/larger inner fuselarge)and for a smooth surface finish for a more efficient/ fast uav. As I'm relatively new to all this can anybody see any potential problems with this idea? Tx signal with the carbon rods for example. Thanks in advance for your opinions.

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Il start getting some ideas on paper and il download a cad program and see how useless I am at making a 3d design. Don't suppose there are any cnc drawings knocking about of the x8? Up to now the plans are diolen wings and fuselarge. Minimal carbon, just 2 rods per wing to tie into the fuselarge. Fiberglass control surfaces and air brake, all control arms internal, smooth rear cooling vents and possibly a removable/replaceable Kevlar skid pan. So many ideas, so little money haha
A carbon fibre skin will be significantly heavier than an all foam wing, meaning all that extra space won't be usable for much extra payload anyway...

http://diydrones.com/group/x8   started a x8 group if you want to throw some ideas around

Great. Il have a look thanks

I kevlared my bottom half front X8 Nose. I've drilled it in at least five times. Still OK. Good stuff. And I just used epoxy for it.

KEVLAR used in fabricating is different from ballistics grade KEVLAR.  KEVLAR 49 is used in laying up fabricating and KEVLAR 29 is ballistics grade "bulletproofing" material.

My plane is totally cover on fiberglass! a bit on the heavy side but I'm a happy camper wit it! Perhaps what I think that is the heaviest is the landing gear do! 


I would say that due to the extra weight the power plant have to be stronger! 


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