Can someone be kind enough with a DX8 and APM 2.5 configuration email me a setup file I can load into my DX8?

I am having a lot of problems understanding how to configure my Spektrum to work with my ArduCopter Hexa-B setup. Ideally a step by step guide setting up the DX8 for 6 Flight Modes would be very helpful. I am currently stuck until I can get some more detailed help on the concepts involved and nothing would help more than an actual setup file I can load via into my DX8.

I have already read through the current links for DX8 6 Position setup by Arndt but unfortunately it seems aimed more towards those users who are already familiar with configuring the DX8...

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Hi there John

Your persistence was a great help to me. I have followed your instructions and can confirm the same result. The issue I have now struck is that your process disables my servo that drives the camera gimbal. Did you experience the same?  If so, what was your work-around?

Hi John,

Your first picture shows the outputs. The receiver connects to the inputs. Do you have a photo that shows the original 3DR wire configuration for the inputs?

I am kinda new to the Multiroter groups and i have actually built a few frames from scratch and i am not brand new but new to the APM and DX8 setup first flight controller was KK2.5.1 then i moved to Multiwii 2 pro and now i am getting in to APM. I have the DX8 and APM 2.8 which is the same as the 2.5 and 2.6  just Comps and some transistor changes. any way would you have the SPM  file that i can import in to my DX8 to configure my controller Im quit lost and am in need of some majer quadcopter wisdom

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