I'm wanting to design a custom micro quad (well.. as small as possible to lug the following) that has a layout that fits the following nicely

  • APM 2.x
  • 3DR radio
  • MiniOSD
  • Camera
  • Video TX
  • Battery
  • ESC
  • RX

I really like the spider quad style (I've got a TBS Discovery) and was thinking of building a smaller/simpler version out of plywood to try the concept with aluminium arms.

My question is... where should the centre of gravity be on a non-square quad? should it simply be at the middle point between the engines? 

Has anyone else done something like this?

Attached a photo of the sort of layout I'm playing with.

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I use a wood spider quad as my platform to test. it has a lot of area to mount/velco and to screw stuff onto.


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