After watching a movie clip of my plan flying on auto using the airspeed, I see that at times it oscillates pitch up and down, while increasing and decreasing the motor revs continually.

This seems to only happen with the Airspeed sensor connected.

I looked at the airspeed values in the NTUN log and found this:


The airspeed periodically drops down to zero suddenly, and then back up.

Is this normal? Is there something wrong with my sensor?

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Some of my thoughts:

The airspeed indicator is not accurate at airspeeds that are really really low. If you're just flying really really slow it might just drop to 0.

The airspeed indicator gets calibrated at startup. If the airplane is in the wind when you plug it in, then the airspeed will be offset.

If it's sporadic in calm air then there's a problem with it. If you're flying upwind and your groundspeed is higher than your airspeed then there's a problem with it. If you can't get it pretty high (15+) by blowing on it, there's a problem with it.

Thank you for replying Jonathan.

Would it be ok to cover the tubes with a cloth while starting up?

I'm going to try to put it in a constant windstream and see what the values are. They seem to drop to zero every now and then dispite what the real airspeed is.

Hi Hein, 

Did you solve this issue, I have this issue too.

When I start up and blow in it, the values are fine and go above 15m/s, but after about 2-3 minutes of flying the values become sporadic, dropping to 0. 

Cheers, Adam.

No sorry I could never get this to work properly. I've flown without it for a year now.

Gave up on mine as well. Over time my bird loses altitude when the airspeed sensor is selected. I just leave it disconnected now.

So I just connected my airspeed sensor, and I am getting values of around 9.6-10 m/s when I am just sitting still in my house with my airplane. Is this normal? Can I just easily zero the airspeed using Mission Planner? I have been looking for what to do, but I am not quite sure how to fix this...

FOR THE LOVE OF GOD CAN SOMEONE SOLVE THIS??  I've been trying to for over 6 months now, crashed more than 8 times now.  I cant' do SAR with drones until this is solved, among other things....ANYONE??

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