i`m make quad drone use Tarot x4 and Pixhawk (3.4.6 copter).

motor number is no problem.

and stabilizer mode is no problem too.

but when take off use alt hold, drone is shake rolling and crush.

i don`t know why.

also, i`m test this FC (after crush) on 450size drone (quad) no problem using Althold.

could you please help ?

use MAUCH hall sensor, and matek BEC.

so PIXHAWK is input power 5V (power port through MAUCH sensor hub) and 

servo rail (PIXHAWK main 8 pin, 5V through Matek BEC).

ESC - foxtech multipal 80A.

motor -  tarot 6115 kv320

prop - 2255 DK CF prop

FC - PIXHAWK (APM: Copter 3.4.6 Quad)

Frame - tarot x4 (TL4X001, Size - 960mm)

Tx - Taranis

Rx - X8R

telemetry - Cuav Hacklink

crash log


crash video


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By video, it looks like way too high PIDs

Thank you for reply.

first, i think so too.

but stabilizer mode is not have a problem.

if PID is cause to this situation, i think when i take off the stabilizer mode, drone is make same situation.

just my inference.

Andre K. said:

By video, it looks like way too high PIDs

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