Hey Everyone, I thought I would get some opinions from you all.  I am starting a online store focused on FPV and Drones based in the U.S. Fully assembled quads, planes, frame kits, parts & accessories.


I have purchased a big shipment of FPV planes that are on their way from China and hope to sell them for as cheap as possible to let you guys save as much as possible, I mean cheap!! This site for now will be a side project and I have low overhead being that this will run mostly out of my apartment, I am not married or have kids and a pretty high paying job as a network engineer and will put all profits into the site and more product to what you guys want.  In matter of fact I'm putting every extra dollar and savings into this site to keep prices waaay low.  BUT YOU!!! DIY DRONES is exactly who I want to market too.  I want to know what it is you need exactly so I can get it in stock and keep the price ridculously low.


So why buy from my site?  Well, I have a large CNC machine that I want to use to make the perfect Quad frames and custom work that you guys need.  Also, I have daily access to a Laser Cutter (my companys architecture group for modeling) 30grand piece of machinerey.  You guys need any custom work, I can get cutting away.  Need parts fast? I live downtown, ship same day if ordered before 6pm on stocked items.


My first project is taking my new APM purple board and creating a custom case for it. The base is a clear plastic plate that the board mounts too, has a cover that snaps onto it after connecting your cables, it is lightweight and keeps the board totally enclosed and protected. I hope to make these in bulk and sell to this community.


Yes, I know DIY has their own store and their are plenty of competitors you can go to elsewhere, but competition is good for everyone, keeps prices down and customer service always improving, which will be hard for Tim at readymaderc, he is already the nicest person ever, but more of these site will just mean more customers for both of us and get more people interested in UAV's and Quads.


So where is the Site? The site is up but showing a maintanence mode window only and is built on a wordpress e-commerce solution that is all HTML5 and I will use paypal and google checkout and have multiple shipping carrier options and will ship internationally and domestically. 


I love this community and really just like helping people, so let me know what you would like to see in cheapdrones.com and I will keep you updated on the sites opening soon status.  the twitter feed cheapdrones will also have the latest news and updates as well.  I will send out coupon codes here for the grand opening that will be like 15% off first purchase or free shipping. something like that. 






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Thanks, and I'm searching for a good All Carbon Fiber Hex to stock.  Thanks for the tip!

Ok, Stocked a couple of All carbon Fiber Hexacopter's..  I hope the price is right for you.  If not, just email me and I'll try to work something out for you.  Goes for anyone, I don't plan on making any money for a while on the site, just want to develop relationships with customers and help out the community as much as possible.  Website is coming along fast!!  I hope everyone gets a chance to check it out, the URL now has a hard open date.  So I am RUSHING as fast as possible to reach that date!!!!  www.CheapDrones.com

Have you spoken to Jordi about a possible distributorship? (assuming the pie hasn't already been carved up enough already)

I Setup USPS for shipping, still getting it integrated into Site, but I plan to use USPS as well as UPS.  Hope to see some orders from My favorite Northern Hosers!!! Take off eh!?!!  p.s.  Strange Brew is in top 10 favorite movies!

What do you Guys think of the new Logo ??

??? "carbon fiber is inexpensive" ???

I like the logo, simply enough to do one of those little tab icons with too. "favoricons" or something.

I've been kicking around selling some product too, but have no passion for the sales side of things. One of the major itches that gets me scratching, stores that are ALWAYS out of stock... Value Hobby, Hobby Partz, etc. I like to design planes and quads. Sometime I do good and other want to buy them. Seems like whatever motor combo I recommend to my customers these guys refuse to keep in stock. I've gone as far as to contact them about intended stocking levels before releasing product, a week after release "can you recommend another motor, that one is out of stock" Sure, it sucks to have 10-20K in inventory but that's also part of the game.

Sorry for the rant, but if you want to keep customers, my advise is to make sure you have something to sell when they come looking.


Anyway, suggested items:

Nylon Standoffs

Nylon bolts

Nylon nuts

Quad canopy (dome or whatever, something for the DYI types to finish off with)

Quad Rx to board harnesses (for entry HK/KK guys)

vibration dampers

And tips and tricks can be a very nice touch, shows a level of involvement and dedication other do not.

If you are looking for entry level motors and esc that perform well check out the emax line. I just got setup with them due to Value Hobby again being out of stock. I'd rather just send people to you than start stocking electronics as well as the depron, epp, ply, balsa and carbon I already have.

Some of these likely seem silly, but I buy in bulk enough to know most DIY guys are paying at least 4x what they should for basic items. It would be nice to be able to send customers and friends to a reasonable place.


Ohh, you got a name? ;)



Thanks for the advice!  I'll do my best to get those items stocked up.  

-Oh, and the names Christian

I'd like (12) GT2205 (8) GT2215 a mega pack of various 3mm standoffs (w/ the bonus soft orings for dampened board mountings), oh and some ESCs for those motors. You taking preorders?

BTW, I really like to stick with dark or clear heat shrink on things like ESCs.

Looking forward to doing some business Christian!




Alright guys, Site opens Tomorrow morning!!!  I have limited QTY of items, but I want to get the store up, customer relationships started, and start sending out freebies.  Site is loaded with Easter Eggs for free shirts and what not.  I found some really great vendors to supply Cheap Drones with great FPV gear for a great Price.  I know the site is pretty skeletor at the moment, but this place is going to grow soo fast, soo quick, and every customer is going to be taken VERY well care of. Any pre-order's you see on the site will help get you guys your gear at a great price and value. I don't want to hold back the grand opening of the site after the hiccups from these last few days like my bulk orders being shipped to Houston TX rather than Houston Street Dallas TX..  It happens...  Looking forward to seeing everyone come tomorrow Morning, 10a.m. Central!!  

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