I am being told that my problem with my quad lies within the control loops of the flight controller. That being said I am not able to fly my quad to tune it. So where do you start with tuning. Before I lengthened my arms and up'd my motor size from 2214 to 4114 the default values were "ok" at least to get the quad up in the air and get it tuned. The way mine sits now with the default values it is impossible to fly. Motors get hot and you have to constantly be correcting some kind of extreme movement.

I went from a 550 size to right at 750. Went from a 12in prop to a 15in prop. I reset the pixhawk back to default settings and reset everything up from scratch. I have not even touched the control loops It was always my understanding that the default PID's would be able to get the quad up in the air. Do I just need to set everything to zero and go from there?

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I am using tethered set with bungee for all new frames and controllers, for precise manual tune of the PIDs before the first flight.

You can look at my post here.

The procedure is well described here.

Thank you very much! I will look tonight after work

Interesting way to tune a quad. I would love to do that but I do not have to space in my house. I live in a very small house and have way to much stuff....lol. Is there any other way to do this. I am assuming that with the P value all the way at zero the quad will not respond at all to my input?

Would inductance in my power to ESC wires cause these issue. I did extend those wires about 5 inches.

The tethered tuning must be done outside, between two poles or trees. It is must on large drones. Extended cables are OK, if they do not interfere too much with the compasses of the flight controller.

How to avoid and reduce the power cables magnetic fields is described here:





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