I finally got to take my new IRIS out for a short flight.  Everything went well for a maiden flight except the status LEDs are not working. I removed the shell and the status LED on the PixHawk is not working either.

Any suggestions for me to try while I wait for a reply from 3DR tech support?



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Turns out I had a bad external RGB LED and 3DR is replacing it.

Battery failsafe is something that you can configure to your liking. You can disable it completely if you want, or choose the desired action as well as the voltage/% level that triggers it.

Here is the page that describes the failsafe options:


I have a new IRIS and attempted to make my maiden flight. All of my indicators responded as expected but the Quad did not arm when commanded to do so.  After connecting and disconnecting the battery several times the arming occurred. I seem to recall somebody reporting a similar problem with a Pixhawk. Has anybody else had somewhat flaky performance of their Pixhawk? I say flaky because the LEDs and the Pixhawk were tested before shipping.

My problem was that the terminal was seeing 8 satellites but the Iris would not lock on so I could not arm it.  Also my radio had no smooth speed control for the first half so I went into mission planner and recalibrated it.  Work perfect till things powered off and then it went back to the same condition.  They are going to take care of these things and I will let you know what was found.   Not sure if the Pixhawk was the problem or not till I hear back.

Hi there,

     I have noticed by playing with andropilot and my IRIS with a small sky aperture that I get a high HDOP(andropilot announces the failure if speech is turned on) even with enough satellites ,telemetry connected that is)) it WONT arm.. the indicator is flashing yellow instead of green.  maybe this might be the issue?

I am hoping that this is not going to be a continuing problem with the Iris.  I will know more when mine comes back from their repair.   Take a look at my video which I put up so they could see what the problems were.  I am just disappointed as I waited over 3 months after placing my order for it to fail the first time out.   And what upset me even more was that I was told to return it and they would make it high priority and over a week later I find that it has not even been looked at!   Orginaly they said I could have a new one shipped out but it would take 7 to 10 days so they suggested I have mine looked at???  8 days later it is still untouched.   And I worry that when it comes back I will still have these problems?    I appreciate your findings and maybe it would be a good idea to forward them to Chris or his support.   I wonder if others are having problems with the consumer release models?    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qfcg-SnvbGE

I received my Iris back from the repair center the other day only to find a few more issues.  is anyone else having a problem with high numbers on the GPS HDOP  it is set to 200 but even though I am in a clear sky I am sometimes getting upwards of 3.0 and even though I can arm it in STB mode if it is switched to LTR or ALT my mothers will start to loose power and my speed control does not function below 1/2 way.  I am not sure if the GPS unite being used is sensitive enough?  They replaced the first one, or maybe it is just my Iris doing this?  

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