Hey all!

We've just launched our new SteadiDrone website, we are focusing on providing more affordable complete full RTF drone kits for aerial stills, video and commercial filming. Some of you might have seen our recent videos of us flipping/looping our big octo and quad, and our other aerial video work, these platforms are top quality high-end systems with everything needed to get shooting, for hopefully much less than similar competing systems.

Take a look at the website www.steadidrone.com and please let us know your thoughts, feedback and suggestions. We are still adding the rest of the products, specs and other images so please note that.

SteadiDrone Octo flipping out! from Motion Pixel on Vimeo.

SteadiDrone Octocopter from Motion Pixel on Vimeo.

And some images


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Yeah it's alive! 

Great work Duran really like the pro look of the website. 

Looking forward to collaborate! 


Thanks Dany! :)

Very impressive!  Quality looks up there with cinestar and droidworx, but half the cost!  Do you have any idea on how shipping to the US will be?

I saw that you had a steadidrone stabilization system.  Is that still in the works?

Hello Jonathan, thanks for the comments. Our aim is to provide the best possible high-end drones airframes, with unique fetures (quick removable arm system, works amazing!) and kits at an affordable price range and hopefully fill a gap for most guys who just can't afford DW or cs frames, but still want something reliable and that looks good ;)

We are busy with the SteadiDrone Stab system yes, will be based around the apm kit, as it's what we use now and works VERY well as a stand alone camera stab system. We are also busy developing our very own camera gimbal which will also be an affordable but top quality high performace product.

We are still in the process of sorting shipping to US, Europe and other places, but at the moment will do shipping option for each order, depending on where clients are.

Please feel free to make suggestions as to other things you guys would like to see, any ideas for new products, perhaps we could even offer a custom frame building service, where guys can send in designs and we can make it for them and ship..

Thanks again!



Thanks for the response, Duran.  The quick removable arm system is key as these things get pretty massive. I have problems fitting my 800mm hexa through my doorways! :) I would love to see more pictures and details once you have them.  Can you entire system fit in a specific pelican case size?

I like that you are using the APM as a standalone camera stab system.  I am thinking of doing the same.  I may have asked this already, but are you working on improving the code at all or using as is?

Also interested in the gimbal you are designing.  I am assuming servo driven, reduction drive?  2-axis or 3-axis? Any specific types of vibration isolation?  I am following a few guys doing design and development right now with good results.  The more ideas the better!

Our big octos fit very nicely into the Pelican 0350 cube case, all foamed up and snug. Currently we've been using the APM1/2 standalone with great resluts, next step is to complete the custom enclosure, mess with code a bit to get 3rd axis and mounting on the camera plate for even better stability.

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