I   have a question on a 3-axis gimbal.   This is the SteadyGo3 by Bestablecam.  It was sent to me to try on either my Phantom or Iris+   I thought I would first try it on the Iris.  unfortunately this is a new product and came with no instructions.   I was able to get the tilt to work, but only in one direction which wont help!   I was hoping someone here may have some idea on how to connect this to the Pixhawk.  I am including a picture of the connections.   Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you

Grandpa Jake

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I know this much about the connectors

CH1 -> Pitch 

CH2 -> Roll

CH3 -> Yaw

MOD -> 3-position switch (Yaw follow, Lock Mode, FPV mode (3 axis follow))

GND and AV are the video signal to the transmitter


Thanks Frank,  at least this is something for me to go on.  I would like to place this on my Iris+ but worry that it will not work properly when I try to use followme or roi  where the camera is controlled by the system?   Do you know if this will work correctly and how I would set things up?  

Grandpa jake

I don't know about SteadyGo3 gimbal.

But maybe setting procedure of DYS 3axis gimbal which uses Alexmos 32bit controller might be able to give you a hint:


Thanks, at least this give a bit more information.  I received nothing with mine.  But I have two concerns.  First I would like to use it on my Phantom 1 but when I connect the brown wire and tilt the camera it continues to travel unless I give it a revers turn but then it is still touchy,  and the other one I wanted to use it on was my Iris+ using the Pixhawk controller.   I did not know if it would still allow followme or ROI      I guess I will just have to wait for someone to do a review in the future.

Grandpa Jake

I am about to give up on these Steadygo3 gimbals working with the Iris+     I can get it to work,  almost,  but once the tilt knob is turned and the gimbal starts to move,  it will just continue the entire travel unless you give it a revers turn and still it will try to drift up and down.     If anyone successfully has this working with the Iris let me know.  But for now I think they will go back in the box.   Trying to contact Bestablecam is almost impossible.     

Grandpa Jake

did you try their latest "p" firmware update?  it solved this issue for me

Hi Ivan,  the only thing I see on their website is SteadyGim3,EVO,RIDER,SteadyFone3, Steadygo3  Calibration Tool     I don't see a firmware update.  Can you send me the link to this?  That would be great if it fixed the tilt issue.   Was your continuing to tilt even with the slightest turn of the knob?  and now with this firmware update it does not?    

Thanks again,  

yea you have to go to the Z1 website instead, they are the original manufacturers...here is the link and pick the z1 tiny2 which is exactly the same gimbal and uses same firmware


Ivan,   I was able to get the firmware to take,  still not sure which version to use the 1.11S or 1.11P   I tried the S  but my gimbal still will not stop tilting unless I move the knob in the opposite direction.   I am using the Iris+ and the Pixhawk.    

Just wanted to let everyone know that Ivan came through with the solution to get the Steadygo3 gimbal working.    Thanks so much.    I am going to go and test it on ROI and Followme later today.  But from how I see it responding I am pretty sure it will be fine.

Grandpa Jake

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