Is it possible to lower the sensitivitiy of sticks? If yes, how?

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The easiest way is to add exponential at your transmitter level. Most RC Txs can do that.

Yes like Chris said, do it from your radio. You have exponential and dual-rates setting that will help you to lower down sensitivity of your stick movement.


Which radio you have?

I would like to know how to do that with a Turnigy 9X... if you can point me in the right direction.


+1 here,


the yaw stick is easily affected when constantly changing throttle, causing unwanted yaw,


this would be great to know how to do it on the 9X transmitter

Dx6i,any help?
yes id like to know how to do it on turnigy 9x also :)

I use 10% (+) EXPO with my ALE & ELEV to lower the touchyness.  If I use more than 12% EXPO my quad lags to much and is slow to respond making it hard to control.  You can use this for the rudder as well.  I personaly like a very fast acting rudder. 

(+) EXPO slows the sticks down

(-) EXPO speeds the sticks up 


I want to increase stick sensitivity instead, is there a way to do that?

Also, the dead gap in the middle of the stick range is too large for our taste. I have found the defaults in radio.pde, but is there some sort of parameter that can be changed instead so we don't have to recoompile?

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yes,  add negitive expo instead of positive expo    at the transmitter


Yeah that is of course a way to reduce the apparent width of the dead gaps. But what I really wanted was more control authority..

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In planner, look for RCx_DZ or something like that. The default value is 30 - this is the size of the deadzone. But be aware that constant input outside of the deadzone will have serious effects (just like using trims to correct for bad autolevel).

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