Hi everyone,

I would like to know what program could best be used to stitch Aerial Photos that have been taken in a sweeping grid together and even produce a 3D image of the ground similar to steroscopic photography that old cartographers used.

I know that there are a few company's doing this with flying wing type models, but I'm sure they are not about to share this info with me.

Thanks in advance.


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Start with photosynth there are many others, Google knows.

I love it.

>>>>Google Knows. LOL!

Try PTGui too.. 

Windows ICE is free and doing stitching picturees, but not for 3D as you requested.

I am using PTGui for 360 pictures.

A good one for 3D aerial is Agisoft PhotoScan

Agisoft PhotoScan Professional seems to be what I'm looking for.

I'm going to look for some open source types as well.

But this look like it's putting me in the right direction.

Thank you so much for the ideas everyone.

For open source you can look at Micmac and VisuaSFM combined with Meshlab.

Take a look at Isis3 .. open source as well

What camera do you want to use for aerial photos?

I am trying to see what I can obtain with GoPro, but with changing the lens for non fish effect. This would be use for flat terrain pictures.

But for my 360 aerial pictures, the fish effect lens is what I need.

I did this with the GoPro 1 after I scratched the original lens. I used the Sunnex Lens. But you need one heck a good gimbal, I recommend brushless. The fish eye seems to suit the GoPro1 quite well, but the moment it's a little magnified you need smooth movement you get tons of rolling shutter. Now of course I'm speaking about filming in this case. I think it would be great to do this with the GoPro in Photo mode though. I also have a Canon G9 that would work well to.

This is a video I made on how to change the lens.


Here are some sample photos I just took 2 minutes ago. All 3 photos were taken from exactly the same  spot and same angle and distance. 

Photos, not too bad.


The technique you are looking for is called 'Structure from Motion', a type of photogrammetry from the field of Computer Vision. I use (Agisoft PhotoScan Professional), too, which is able to export orthofoto mosaics and DEMs, but there are many more (e. g. Bundler, VisualSFM, 123D Catch, Pix4UAV). Most of them are a bit complicated to use and doesn't have georeferencing capabilities and those who have and are easy to use are expensive. But there's free software for everything you need...

Have fun, Jorre


I'm planning to get some grid photos of fields and process the photos for survaying purposes. I.E. large area and hopefully 3D.

I looked at the Agisoft and PhotoScan and the pice is not bad for professional purposes.

Check these guys out.


I don't know what their prices and business model are like but their work is pretty impressive.

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