Hi everyone,

I would like to know what program could best be used to stitch Aerial Photos that have been taken in a sweeping grid together and even produce a 3D image of the ground similar to steroscopic photography that old cartographers used.

I know that there are a few company's doing this with flying wing type models, but I'm sure they are not about to share this info with me.

Thanks in advance.


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Are you using APM 2.5 also? I am wanting to use this combination but am confused about the import process.  How do you match the APM log file and the photos time stamp? Any help on this part would be awesome.

Hey sort of related to this. I'm wanting to do only 2D photo stitching. So I can measure lengths and areas. I'll use a canon with gps. Any easy idea's ? thanks

Have you looked at autopano giga?

No I haven't, Never even heard of it.

I have not personally used it but I will be later this summer once my aerial mapping drone gets airborne. I do know that almost all of the functionality needed for UAV photography is included in the free version. 

Here is an example of the software at work

The program finds similar data points so that you have to do less of the stitching work. It also has compatibility with fish eyed cameras. 

It's free so it is worth a try. 

I think Autopano Giga is an absolutely outstanding bit of software but the free version shows an annoying watermark. If you're a student, they do offer an "educational discount" where it's available for 99 Euro. For the functionality you get it's an amazing deal. I'm not yet really skilled with it so I can't describe all it's features but I find the best to be that it doesn't require the pictures to be lined up all with the proper orientation. They can be rotated any which way and somehow it works it all out.

If you're looking for free, Microsoft's ICE is a pretty good 2D image stitcher and will work fine for smaller projects.

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