Please pass on your thoughts, ideas, feedback or experience on my plans.

I live out in the hinterland of New Zealand and hence there are not many people around to bounce ideas off. I confess to being less interested in the electronic / auto pilot side than the airframe, air photo, sensor side of things.

I'm building a senior telemaster (spectrum radio) with the following modifications:

* Added more complex and effective flaps to improve STOL perfomance
* powered by a converted 31cc weed eater engine (ryobie) for GOBs of power)
* Exrtended range tanks in wing and in pods.
* cub style sprung gear for better ground handling.
* moving location of radio gear, servos and battaried to make as much "cargo space" as possible at the C of G.
* designing in the ability to add additional wing span if required.
* Build the GPS based auto pilot for short duration stabilisation and precison overflight and long range autonimous capacity.

The idea is to use a known airframe, compensate for drag and weight with heaps of power, be able to fly off grass or uinmproved strips, and use easy to source materials.

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I saw a interesting bit over the weekend in an aritcal e by Andy lennon showing a built in slat on one of his STOL planes. That would be doable.
Hi Scott
missed your request for info
will dig in the archives, one of the articales is by another Kiwi chap but I, findit and sent it on.

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