I have a 18,000 acre ranch in Texas and am interested in purchasing a drone that will allow me to video the property.  I haven't been able to find to much information about all the different setups. I am looking for something in the in the moderate to expert ranch that has a long battery life as well as long range.  It must have FPV.  I have tried contacting Helipal.com but they are not to helpful. 

I was also looking at the DJI phantom models but feel those are to beginner for what I am looking to do.

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For the size area, you really want to use an airplane over a 'copter. I can push my quad copter to about 10 minutes flight time. I have had 50 minute flights with my very tired and battered 3 year old Skywalker (Airplane).

It also depends what you want your intent is for photography.

not really interested in all 18,000 at one time but would like to climb some of the taller mountains we have with the drone and film.  Would the storm 6 1.2 with FPV range like 2000 yards or not even close?

I am also looking into purchasing extra upgraded batteries to extend play time.

The problem with "bigger" batteries is the extra weight reduces flight time due to the increased load on the motors. There is, however, a break even point somewhere between too large of a battery and extended flight time.

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