I have been noticing a strange behaviour in the yaw.  While hovering and no yaw stick input the quad stays within a 5 deg heading.  As soon as I move the stick the smallest amount the the left the quad starts to rotate to the right (clockwise looking from the top).  If I move the stick much more to the left eventually the rotation to the right stops and it starts to rotate back to the left.  At first I thought this was only happening in alt hold mode but it seems to be any mode.  It's like the small movement away from centre stick disengages heading hold and since the quad has a prop rotation bias towards a right turn torque that's where it normally wants to go.  

I would have thought that in Stabilise mode the yaw input from the RC would instruct the code to move to a new heading and never leave heading hold.  That's the behaviour I had with the heading hold gyro I had on my T-Rex 450 HH gyro.

Can someone confirm if the code does leave heading hold when the stick is moved from centre?


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I had a similar issue with .55 and I crashed, have you the log?

Unfortunately I have not cleared the logs out since I had .50 on it and .55 does not create the new format of the logs till you clear them out.  

Short answer - no.

Will do that tomorrow morning and log what happens.  

Was the yaw in the wrong direction so quick that you could not push the stick further over to get it to come back in the heading you wanted when you crashed?  That disorientation is particularly bad if you have not had experience outside of tail in hover.  Oddly I'm just as good at nose in as tail in hover but those side on hovers really throw me out.  That's why I'm starting to enjoy FPV.  You lose a sense of depth however you gain your orientation.

I may also try setting the trim value in Planner for yaw to see if that corrects it.  

It really shouldn't be disengaging heading hold should it?

I was so surprised by the behavior, so that the first thought that crossed my mind was I2C errors.The copter yawet so quickly that I had no chance to see which direction it was in. If I had been accustomed to simple mode, I have done that. Normally I have no problem with nose in. That is log of yaw in and ch4out

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