Im working on a project where im trying to stream video/pictures in a very low quality from my APM board through to Mission Planner using GPRS/3g (Dronecell)

My big question is, would this even be possible to carry through? and if so, what frame size are we talking about and FPS?

If im using size 320 * 240 and 1 frame pr second,  ( 320 * 240 = 76800 * 8bit = 614400 * 1 FramePrSecond  ~ 614 Kb/s ??

Is this calculations correct if im using apm 2,5 board?

Would it be possible to compress the video stream with APM board?  

Would it be possible to merge the video stream togheter with telemetry data?

How much data is the telemetry occupies?



Bernt Christian


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I'm currently streaming video via 3g and internet and it work very good. I use 352x288 at 10fps and 500kbit bitrate. I use the Raspberry Pi for this and VLC as streaming software. I send video using UDP for less latency, 300ms

I also connect to my aircraft with Mission Planner at TCP through the same link. I'm working on a Blog post where i will present my solution.



The APM board should not be loaded with more task than it has already. I have an onboard WiFi 3g router. I connect to APM via TTL-UART to Wifi. I also connect my Raspberry Pi via WIFI to the same 3g router. Then i stream video via this router from the Raspberry Pi.

You can merge the telemetry data with the video before you stream it. The telemetry does not require very much.




Hi Tommy


Im looking forward to read your blog.

Do you comress the video with Raspberry before streaming?

A video of your project would be nice ;)

I use MJPG encoding

Hi Tommy, why do you use a wifi network on your aircraft and not ethernet?

He is not using Wifi anymore.. This thread is old. We are using Ethernet communication.

Ah great I'm thinking of using this: http://www.lantronix.com/device-networking/embedded-device-servers/...

Then plug that into a broadband router with ethernet slots and nat the incoming connection to it, so that planner can connect over TCP/IP or UDP.

I'll have to sort out my mobile provider's service to me to accept connections of course, but otherwise, do you think it will work? What are you using?


I dont think Xport support UDP!  However, i do have problems connecting Pixhawk with UDP.

See this video

Also, you may find my site interesting: www.uavmatrix.com

Thanks Bernt, I'll check it out. I actually ordered this from Goodluckbuy: http://www.goodluckbuy.com/rs232-ttl-to-ethernet-tcpip-rj45-convert...

Super cheap, I have low hopes :) I'll check out your site.

Just checked your blog, you're using the exact same module as I've ordered! I'm not going to stream video over 3g for the time being, so I'm not needing the rpi. Awesome info on your site, thank you so much for sharing.

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