Greetings to all fans of drone machines.I need a powerful machine that can fly for up to 1 hour drive gasoline engines

s engine 100cc 

Necessary burden that must carry is 30kg or 1058 oz. or 66.14Ib.
Fuel tank must be 10 litters a management system fpv, futaba controller 10 channels,5km distance to fly,900MHz frequency 

Cladding of titanium construction type and grade 3xxx, blades of which I do not know that ask.Also I wonder if instead of these engines, can serve gas turbine believe that it is better and perfectly management.To I need to use special, in fact I'm a photographer bird's eye view of nature, is it possible to drive the car to a passenger aircraft operated while the car is there in the system movement.That aircraft OSD menu with the amount of fuel they have and other factors, but the FPV equipment.
And if it happens that the car enters the tunnel and lost contact with the aircraft, the aircraft has a GPS system which remain in the car to exit the tunnel again came into contact with the aircraft and continued moving. 

A very important thing is that we want to invest more than $ 5000 in the system, and maybe more.
I'm a welder titanium and other non-ferrous metals, as well as the mechanic and I work with carbon, so that's all I know, just do not know how to enter into a monster of drone 

Futaba controller 


Flight stabilization 

smoke pump 


baterries 12v 18000mAh and cost 79 dollars 

gas turbins 

gas turbins 

just that size 

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You make absolutely no sense.

You cannot have a quad copter powered directly by a combustion engine

And it would be very big or have more than 8 rotors to be able to liftt in excess of 30KG.

I suggest if you want to use a combustion engine to power the aircraft, buy a small nitro engine and hook it up to a DC motor, then feed the DC motor into a regulator rated for 12V

manually set the Nitro engine to run at decent revvs to maintain 12v output.

Then from the regulator you can hook up everything as if it were powered by a battery, this means the only custom things you would need to make are , the motor mount and adpapter to DC motor, the regulator , frame and fuel tank.

You can easilly get telemetry of fuel remaining from a tank sensor that outputs a voltage depending on the amount of fuel left., just find out what the voltages mean 12v full tank 3v almost empty and there you go!.

I have been thinking of turbo shaft engines for awhile for my quad copter propulsion system as well. But I'm looking for a lighter and stronger airframe than Ti.

My unsolved question is the fuel economy and the thrust it can generate.

Turboshaft & contra rotating props are fantastic combo.

Are u guys aiming for a heavy lifter UAV?
Cos that's what I'm looking for.
He's probably aiming for high torque propulsion.
I doubt a electric power quadcopter can have the sustained lift force for 30kg for an hour.

Given the very basic principle of 1kg = 24-48watts to hover*, you're looking at massive power requirements.

Assuming the model weights twice the payload, that's 90kg. So worst case based on above: roughly 4.3kW. So for one hour, you're looking at 4.3kWh or 15.5megajoules.

That's a pretty huge Lipo....I can see why the OP was looking at more energy-dense petrol power.


* Massive caveats and assumptions apply here - the size and speed of the rotors is key:

Try running some sims in Amusing exercise...assuming a 90k weight, I can only *just* get hover with 16 x Scorpion S4035-250's, and 100 (woah!) x 14S 6000mAh lipos built into the weight...and a flight time of 54 minutes.

but apm needs 30% overhead to stabilize :(

yeah, but this was all just for laughs anyway. Nothing about hovering (never mind moving) 30kg for an hour is desperately practical :-)

You mean "mowing" (not moving) 'cause this thing isn't going to get off the ground.

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