Sorry for not RTFM'ing this, but I actually have an urgent need for a piece of info that I can't seem to find. I demo my fuzzy controller to one of my professors in an hour, and I haven't figured out how to make the GCS do what I need it to do.


All I need it to do is hover in place.

When I set it to loiter_unlimited, the heli flies around the waypoint I assign, rather than holding position.

Again, sorry for the clueless noob question, but all of my focus has been on flying in stabilize mode so far, and I haven't had the time to sit down with the mission planner properly. A quick bail-out would be GREATLY appreciated! 

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You need to use the Loiter Mode.  Set one of your Ch 5 Mode positions to Loiter.

These default settings should work well if you have a uBlox:

#define LOITER_P 0.50
#define LOITER_I 0.0
#define LOITER_RATE_P 5 //
#define LOITER_RATE_I 0.1 // Wind control
#define LOITER_RATE_D 0.0 // try 2 or 3 for LOITER_RATE 1

I've gone up to Loiter Rate P = 8, and it holds harder, but it's really busy.  We have been talking recently about using much more I-term, but nobody has tried yet.

You are a life-saver. I knew it was something simple, but I was trying to set up waypoints instead of using the mode.


I also slowed down the WP speed to 2.5 from 5.0, since accuracy outweighs speed for this demo.

We'll see how it goes.

Yeah, don't try WP speeds higher than 5, it doesn't go well.  Well, I've done 10, but you have to be careful, and as I said, the model doesn't work well above that.

Have you reduced the Tilt parameter to 5?  54 is for quads.

Alrighty, so the demo was fairly successful. My professor is definitely satisfied with the performance of the fuzzy controller.


On that note, I'll be posting it soon. I need to write up some documantation describing its features and limitations. Even though it implements full fuzzy control, the user doesn't have the ability to modify all the parameters arbitrarily because of the limited variable space we're using in the MavLink lookup tables.

When I'm ready to post the code, what's the procedure for that?

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