Hi guys,

we've been working for some time on a stylish cool design for an arducopter frame that could be easily unmounted and that would give the quad a super-w00t look
here are a few renders, any feedbacks appreciated !




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Yes I have.

My 3D printer only arrived this week though so I have not been able to print the prop covers.


I have also drawn up a body for it as I couldnt it amungst Alex's files.


Alex if you had started work on the main body that would be a great help?

Hi Brenton;

    I printed the first part out and it is terrific. I too would like to see the body. When you receive it, please copy me on the link or file... Thanks... jim

Nice design, makes me feel like a complete novice at solidworks...could you also supply the solidworks file for the body? As I'm looking to adapt it to fit Hubsan X4 electronics.

@ Jim Powell – what does your printed part weigh ? Assuming that it has quite a thin section,  I’d be interested to hear whether you think that it is going to have sufficient strength to be really useful .  The Dimension 1200es 3D printer I have used doesn’t produce sufficiently strong thin sections to work well with this design. I’d also have concerns about vibration issues with independent hoops.

I was pursuing a similar printed design but on cost grounds alone I went for a thin ply construction :  

Hi Simon;

 We are still working with it.. I have gone to our Vo-Tech to use their printer.. You are correct about the thin portions. However we are trying to correct this in Solid Works.. Bare with me for a while as we adjust and tweak the design. As soon as I have a product that we can use I will pass it along to you. I like your design. How is your weight? By your design, it looks rock steady in flight. Nice work on the construction...

   Right now I have a lot of irons in the fire, hope to have something tangible soon.. 

I made it and it flies:


Mine doesnt look as good as the design though.

Looking for someone who can 3D cut foam next?

Awesome design, would love to follow your project as it progresses, have you thought about putting it on this website www.projectia.com ?

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