I am wondering if there is a proprietary binary code output from the compatible Arduino GPS chips, or if an NMEA output is fine?  This is because I want this magical GPS unit onboard: http://www.sxbluegps.com/sxblue-gps.html

Has anybody got a good felling about this sub meter accuracy gps.... it's pricey...  Is it a waste?

I figure it could help with keeping a stable waypoint fix.


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Gerard, Current hardware does not support SD cards but yes it is possible to record data to onboard "blackbox" due we have memory chip already installed and this data can be extracted later to ground station or other computer via serial interface.

On ArduPilot Mega code (for airplanes) we now have nice command line interface (CLI) to control logfiles etc many other functions. These same features will be available on ArduCopter. It just takes awhile untill we can start adding more fancy features on ArduCopter. Also with rather small modifications even current code can start control camera gimbal and other camera mounts that can compensate tilt/pan/yaw movements.

Even logging time can be done to memory. It's just matter of programming issues what to log and how to use gyro outputs :)
Compensating those movements are done by onboard gyros and because we use gyro output already, it will be really easy to use their output for other things too.
I'll be sure to look further into this.
cant you setup an RTK with a second gps and a set of xbees?
At this point, I have no idea... I'm assuming the processing time to do this would not improve the accuracy, regardless of the precision you can put into the system.... It's like shooting at a moving target.. If you have a gun in each hand... does your bullseye% increase, or decrease?
true, but if you had coordinates for the ground station GPS then you know how accurate one of your guns are and you adjust the other accordingly. another idea you can do some post mission processing with your data and CORS stations to get a better idea of your error.


Altought 2 years has been passed. But google bring me this thread. I want to know, was you able to get sub meter accuracy in APM using GPS?


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