This is a thread to submit ArduCopter configuration files (PID settings) for common airframes. Once they are reviewed, they will be placed in the manual here so that others may use them.

Along with your config file (saved from the Mission Planner), please list:

  • Frame type (quad, hexa, etc)
  • Manufacturer
  • Orientation (x or +, if relevant)
  • Motors
  • Props
  • APM 1 or 2
  • Any useful notes on performance or flying tips

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Well I'm trying too...

Flips violently though... trying to figure out the problem.

(Also using their motors and ESCs)

If your quad flips then either you have a propeller on upside down, motor direction is wrong, receiver to apm wiring is wrong, or  motor to apm is wrong.  To test the receiver it would be easy to use Mission Planner, go to setup and the radio calibration page.  Move your radio controls around, make sure each control input is what you expect it to be.  Next in mission planner get a console from the APM and run test. Select motors.

Check the wiki, make sure your results are correct.  After you are done with that you should recalibrate your

ESCs. Maybe it didn't calibrate the first time. Check the wiki, some ESCs need to be calibrated one at a time. To do that you remove the esc input from the apm, connect to the throttle port on the receiver... follow the steps in the wiki.  Most flips are either cause be ESCs that need calibrating, or two wires swapped.

Tripple checked props last night. Correct props, correct rotation.

They all seem fine.

Ran the setup>motors test in terminal. I admit - first time I had 2 motors swapped (that was last night) but I fixed that. Even redid the ESC calibration after swapping those motors.

On the terminal motor test in order the motors fire : Front Right, Rear Right, Rear Left, Front Left.

I did not however try calibrating the ESCs individually though - sounds kinda bizarre but I'll try that tonight when I am home again.

Hobbyking Q450 APM2 in X config:

Firmware 2.7.3

Motors: NTM 28-30 750 kv

ESC: Turnigy plush 30A

Propellers: 10x6 (I will change to 10x45 SF)

Battery: 3s 2650mah 25-50C / 4s 3000mah 20C

Flight time 8 min with 3s battery :( and 12 min with 4s battery

Is a non standard config ;)


Just starting my build of 450, however I found this site, apparently successful.

Jerry I am having issues with a very touch throttle in STABILIZE.

I'm using the 10" props with a 4S LiPo. The DJI 450 recommended is 8" for 4S, but I thought I might be able to get more efficiency and stability using the larger props. I'm using the DJI stock 30A ESC and Motors (920KV) and I'm using APM 2.5

With Default params, the the smallest increment on the throttle will change the quad from a rocket ship to a stone.

Here are my questions:

  • Do you think that i should go with the 8" props before changing params?
  • Was my guess of larger prop for efficiency and stability poorly thought out? 

Any config files for the standard jDrones frame?


My config is:

Frame Hexacopter with made by me !

Motor:  NX_4006_530kv

Props: 12x4.5

APM2 with latest firmware

ESC: Turnigy plush 30A

Lipo 5000mAh 4S

Flight time: 12-14 min

I can't use my lipo 3S because the power is decreased with the new firmware !!  :(

I must use lipo 4S

And you ? are you also forced to use 4S ??


hello, all i have finish to assemble my new quad. but it is hard to stable fly. this is the picture. (i dont know is it my apm and battery is placed at the right area or not. this is the picture.

can someone share with me the config for this quad?

- Frame type = Quadcopter

- frame = hobbyking sk450 with dead cat conversion

- Orientation = X

- Motor = Turnigy Aerodrive 2830 1000kv

- ESC = Turnigy Multistar 30A Flashed to SimonK firmware

Props = SlowFly 1045

- FC = APM 2.5+

- Battery = 3S Turnigy 25C 5000mAH

thanks. :)

someone have F450 Configuration files?


Hi Helmi,

did you already get your dead cat for stable flight? If yes then what are the params?

I have very similar configuration (reptile 550 v2), but didn't test it yet.

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